Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two month check in.

I've been in Thailand for two months now and thought it would be interesting to list all the things I've done for the first time since coming here.

New foods tried:
- random stuff from street vendors*
- Thai taco thing
- Pad ka pow moo - (rice, pork, veggies - but not fried together)
- Pad se yoo - (noodle dish)
- Tom yam (soup)
- Som tom (salad type thing)
- various juices from fruits I can't identify
- this seriously awesome salty-fish tasting cracker stick thing they have at the school
- mango with sweet sticky rice
- sweet sticky rice with some weird custard type thing on top
- rhoti (a crepe filled with chocolate or bananas and sweetened condensed milk and all folded up)
- surprise buns
- Kow mok gai (yellow rice with seasoned chicken)
- Larb (funky weird pork dish)

New experiences career related:
- passed the CELTA course*
- took a job 400 miles away - site unseen* (I don't actually recommend this - or plan to do it again)
- taught English classes!*
- taught English classes for which I was completely unprepared!*
- taught a class of kids*

New experiences general:
- Moved to Thailand!*
- visited a tropical island - Ko Samet
- swam in the Gulf of Thailand
- went to a Buddhist Temple
- rode in a tuk-tuk*
- rode in a songthaew*
- rode on the back of a friend's motorbike
- rode on the back of a stranger's motorbike*
- drove a motorbike (while supervised)*
- played poker for money (and WON!)
- saw an Elephant on the street
- ordered food in Thai
- nearly got scammed but walked away with all my money
- am a minority
- haggled*
- used a cell phone for internet access
- used a squat toilet =/
- used a bidet
- got my legs waxed
- got a traditional Thai massage
- got caught in monsoon rain (twice!)

I anticipate that the number of new experiences will dwindle as I get more and more settled here. But I do hope that I continue to see and do new things and continue to live at the edge of my comfort zone. LOL... It's really funny to think about where my comfort zone was vs. where it is now. For example ... all the things I starred* were things that I was terrified to do before I actually did them. But I've survived to tell the tale, haven't I?

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jovaliquilts said...

Computer problems put me way behind in blog reading, but I'm starting to get caught up with everyone. I'm so impressed with what you've done! I moved to Europe in my 20's and was pretty terrified, and Thailand is far more different from what we're used to. Congratulations! Some of those experiences look wonderful (and some a little less so, but excellent to have tried nonetheless).

Bezzie said...

I would have put a star next to leg waxing myself! Ha ha!

T is said...

WOW! I'm super impressed, and way proud of you... "OLD Rebecca" would have never lasted this long, you have come so far! YOU ROCK!!!

gl. said...

that's a great list, rebel! bravo!

Karin said...

So awesome! Living close to the edge is exciting!

Lady Miss Violet said...

That rhoti sounds fabulous! I want one.