Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home sweet... uh...

I'm all moved in to my new apartment. There's no subtle way to say it... the place is ugly, like *spectacularly* ugly. But it's within my budget, in an awesome part of town, and didn't take too long to find. Considering I've been traveling / freeloading since OCTOBER* I was just not willing to spend a lot of time looking for something better.

I have a couple decorating ideas... and would love to get ideas from everyone else - so just consider these the 'before' shots.

Here's the living room. Items of note - mottled brown carpet , and shag-o-riffic fake fireplace. Can't take it down because the bottom part is actually the heater for the room. But I at least got rid of the plastic log.

(Mrs. J shown for scale. ;) Thanks for helping me move!!!)

The entryway of many portals:I really don't like that I need to close the front door before I can open the hall closet door, but I"m getting used to it.

That 70s kitchen:
Mustard yellow appliances that are quite possibly older than I am. It's impressive really that they're still working. In fact my landlord said that the only way they'll get replaced is if they stop working. So if you have any ideas..... ;)

The bathroom has a case of multiple personality disorder I think. There's pale pink tile in the shower... the floor is an off white linoleum, and around the sink is a grey/blue "marble". It's big though, which is nice. Considering my bathroom in Thailand had a resident bird's nest & occasional cockroach invasions... this will be a huge improvement.

There's a linen closet next to the bathroom which may end up being my craft closet... not sure yet. There's no shortage of closet space here which is nice. In fact there are two closets in the bedroom.

Not quite sure why one has a mirror and the other doesn't... perhaps another case of split-personality. You'll note that the carpet stays true through the whole place.... well that's comforting I guess. ;)

And in case anyone was wondering... this picture represents about 1/3 of my personal possessions. I had some crafty stuff stored at Castle5000 and some clothes, books & sentimental stuff at another friend's house.

You'll note... NO furniture... nope, none. That situation is slowly but surely getting sorted out with the help of some very generous friends and my credit card. I'm not thrilled about the fact that I'm back in debt after working so hard to be debt free. But I'm just not willing to sleep on the floor for the next six months.

*I've stayed in approximately 18 different places (more if you count spending the night on buses/trains/planes) since moving out of my apartment in Rayong. I am about ready to BURN my luggage, but I can't until I get myself a dresser. =(


Exuberant Color said...

Think of the brown carpeting as a neutral rather than brown. It will be the backdrop for any other color you add.

what color are the walls? Are you going to paint?

As much as you like pink, I would decorate your bedroom in pink and brown. that is a color scheme that dates back to the Civil War era but can be done in modern pinks and browns.

Yankee in England said...

Hmm did that luggage come from wal-mart? I have some exactly the same that has made more trips between the US and London Heathrow than I can count.

Congrats on the new place, don't over look thrift shops for furnatair. Sometimes it is not that bad.

turtlegirl76 said...

Interesting fake fireplace. Could you put candles in it at least? That might look cool.

You definitely found a place with personality. That's never a bad thing!

gl. said...

we have an excellent aerobed you can borrow if you want. it's the tall kind. we use it in the studio for guests.

Rebel said...

Exuberant... you might have something with the pink & brown combo. I'll keep an eye out!

Yankee- no I got the pink one on sale at Meyer & Frank... which I don't think exists anymore, and the purple one at Ross. They've served me well but they're well past their prime.

turtle- it's true, I always complain when apartments have no character, so I should embrace that here.

gl- thanks, but I borrowed an airbed from someone... a tall one. I'm pretty eager to get a real bed though.

Michael5000 said...

Having actually set foot in the lair, I will testify that it is not really "spectacularly ugly." It is merely homely, which is just one letter off of "homey." And Turtlegirl is right about the personality factor. I think Casa Rebel is going to be grand.