Monday, September 20, 2010


Here is my second ever art quilt. It's actually unfinished in this picture - too lazy to finish binding it before taking the picture.

The theme is air and I've been thinking about it since I made my first art quilt, which was more of a forest-y earth theme. I've also got a water themed quilt in mind.

Things I liked about this quilt:
1. The idea was stuck in my mind and it was starting to bug me, so I'm glad I finally got it out.
2. I used a piece of felt instead of batting, and that made it easier to work with.
3. I think the freehand embroidery turned out pretty well.

The thing I don't so much like about it:
1. I rushed it, I was really impatient to get it out and got kind of sloppy. I do that a lot.
2. It was super hard to sew the feather down without just mashing it down, so that wasn't so awesome.

Overall, I like playing with my fabrics, I like embellishing, and I like doing little projects just for me. So I'm going to keep exploring the idea of art quilts... and next time dedicate a bit more time to it, so I can be happier with the quality of it.


goodworks1 said...

I don't think you should worry about being 'sloppy' -- I do think it's more important to keep 'getting it out'!

I like this composition; hope to see more!

Rebel said...

Thanks! I guess the way I should look at it is, this is my first draft. If I want to go back and revisit these themes, I certainly can. =)

Batty said...

I really like it, it doesn't look sloppy at all!