Monday, January 17, 2011

First FO of the new year!

Thanks go this three-day weekend, I was able to finish up my first quilt of the 2011. Technically I started it in 2010... but it was just a top, all of the quilting & binding took place this year.

As with all the quilts I make, I absolutely love this one. The fabrics make me sooooo happy. Thus, I'm calling it my Happy Batiks quilt. Went with my new favorite quilting technique - wavy diagonal lines. I'm really starting to feel like my quilting is improving.

*Just wanted to add that I want to show this quilt at the Sister's Outdoor Quilt show this summer. I'm also trying to decide if I want to offer it for sale there or not. As I was making it my intention was to try to make this one for sale, but then I got it all finished up and I just love it! Selling a quilt you've made yourself is almost like selling your baby, you know?

If I ever do decide to start selling my quilts, I think the key will be to make two identical quilts at the same time... and keep one for myself!!


Kaye said...

Very pretty! Is this one for YOU?

Rebel said...

Thanks! I actually haven't decided if I'm going to try to sell it. I'll keep you posted!

Michael5000 said...

It really is very good, Reb.

What I do with "selling" is simply to price it at a point where the money would be an adequate consolation. this means I've never sold anything, but I DO have lots of awesome quilts!