Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rebel gets political

Honestly, I have not decided who I'm going to vote for in the 2008 elections, and I'm already a bit sick of all the campagning. I think the UK has a much smarter format for elections, the PM says it's time for an election, and boom, they have an election and a new leader is installed. None of this campagning for 3 out of every 4 years. Drives me crazy.

Anyway, I happened to catch a news blurb this morning about Sen. Hillary Clinton. Someone did a poll about how "warm" she was. WARM? Since when is that a presidental quality? Do we honor Lincoln because he gave great hugs or because he signed the emancipation proclaimation?? Did Roosevelt get us through WW2 with his winning smile? WTF???

At this point, I don't care if my presidential candidates are warm & fuzzy or not! I care if they've got the knowledge & experience necessary to run the country, I care that they have respect for the constitution, the judicial branch and the American people. I care if they know the difference between Sweden & Switzerland. I care if they're being influenced by big business or foreign investors. I care if they are honest & ethical. You can like Hillary Clinton or not - and I know a great many people just hate her. Whether you're a Republican or Democrat or Independent or Libertarian, Tory or Whig, please, for the love of your country, please judge your candidates by the qualities that actually matter. I'll get down from my soapbox now.


Melody said...

yeah! My strategy is to tune it all out until next spring. Otherwise, I get too excited about the chance for a change when it's still soooooooo far off. It's like talking to a kid about what Santa is going to bring for Christmas next year on December 26th. Universal Health Care? Reunited military families? Restoration of the right to not be spied upon? A President who gives a s*** about the poor? Wow! I can't wait! (I haven't decided yet, either, and I think that's totally the right place to be)

Rebel said...

Oh I know Melody... that's a good analogy. I am trying so hard not to pay attention, not to get my hopes up too high. I think I just need to stop watching 'news' shows.

Melissa said...

Hear, hear!

I think the key is to not watch/read/listen to too much news. They have to make a living, even when there's no news, so you get stories about how "warm" Hilary is or isn't. Or worse, endless speculation on the cause and significance of horrible events before the bodies have even been buried.

Sue, aka seiding said...

I hate it when they run the poll about who you would rather have come to your backyard barbeque. Now that's a way to pick your president. Blech. Sometimes the media really steams me.

Magatha said...

I think this upcoming pres election has started the earliest out I can remember in my adult life. It's insane.

What is really important to me, and what I cannot determine ahead of time, is what the hidden agenda is for any candidate for President. And who exactly are their advisors and what their hidden agenda might be. If we'd only known what was in the heart of GWB, DC, and CR, we'd have all been better off. (and I include the disenfranchised Republicans in that as well. Yes, there are many conservatives who are deeply unhappy with the admin as you might know.)
I know what I vow to do in the election and that is to not tolerate any BS when it comes to public agenda. We've focused too long on 'diversionary' subjects and ignored what the vast silent majority of "purple" Americans want to see addressed.

Rebel said...

Power to the Purple People! I'm sick of diversionary subjects too. I think Americans have a lot more values in common than either party would like to admit.