Monday, March 10, 2008


Ok... so it wasn't so much a Saul/Paul on the road to Damascas kind of conversion... but I'm none the less finally converted to sock knitting!

Once I got comfortable with the magic loop - they just flew off the needles. Short little ankle socks in Regia Surf Color with an Eye of Partridge heel. I lucked out with the striping - it matched nicely. They fit really well too!

I have to give major credit to my knitting group... if it hadn't been for them I would never have finished these socks. I just can't seem to learn new knitting techniques by reading about them. I need to see people doing them... and see them several times... before I feel confident trying them. Plus... it's nice to be able to show off my socks to folks who appreciate (or at least tolerate me showing off) a nice neat gusset & a well turned heel.

I've already cast on for another pair of socks.... yup completely converted. Any wagers on how long before it becomes an obsession?


Olga said...

I know the feeling of just looking and thinking about how beautiful a well done gusset is. Just lovely to muse on.

Bezzie said...

How was that Surf? I've always eyed it but never bought it.

It may not be an obsession. I never thought I would enjoy socks but finally knit them but I would hesitate to say I'm obsessed. It helps that I knit them slow!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Yay!! I would say it took my first few pairs before I became obsessed! But then again the first few pairs I made were a bit too challenging too. And watch out for those pretty yarns...they certainly don't help the addiction :)

Beverly said...

Congrats on the conversion. It doesn't take much time for it to become an obsession. I think I was hooked by the end of my first pair of magic loop socks (I had done 6 pairs before then on dpns but didn't get obsessed until I discovered magic loop).

The socks are pretty. I love the colors.

Rebel said...

Olga - I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

Bezzie - I don't have much experience with sock yarn so I can just say it was fine, and I really really liked the striping.

irish girls - it's the pretty yarn that finally wore me down.

beverly - I just ordered more 47" circular needles from Knit Picks... I think we have an answer. =P

Missamite said...

Ha! You have been assimilated. Yay!

gl. said...

omg, i love those socks!

Magatha said...

They are beautiful! Congratulations! You are righteously assimilated into the Sock Borg. I need to try magic loop again. Sometimes things work differently in another time and place. I could just put the irritating socks I have on size 0 bamboos right now, onto the more sturdy addi 0 circ. Same mm size.
Regia is always consistent with the striping. It isn't the smoothest of yarns, in any type of Regia, but it won't disappoint you in color distribution.
Hand painted and hand dyed is a whole 'nuther ball game.

Karin said...

Give them to me now!