Sunday, March 16, 2008

There comes a time in every quilt...

There comes a time in every quilt... at least every quilt *I* make where I start thinking:

"Why the !#$% am I doing this????"

I'm about at that stage right now. I really do enjoy quilting... in theory... I love looking at quilts, I love talking to people about quilts, I love looking at fabrics (I spend obscene amounts of time in fabric stores), I love looking at quilt patterns and thinking about how to put fabric together. And I love curling up under a quilt that I made. I even like those first few stages of cutting up fabric and chain piecing little squares together. But somewhere in the middle where the quilt starts getting big... and things start getting complicated, and I feel like I've put a ton of work into the quilt and dear god I haven't even finished the top yet... I just want to throw the whole thing in the closet and forget about it.

That's where I am right now.

I managed to sew up the seemingly neverending pile of strips to make the center of the quilt top. Which gave me a momentary feeling of success. (And check it out - I bought myself a little folding table to augment my tiny little round table while quilting.) I should have just stopped there and called it good until next weekend. But no... I wanted to start on the border(s).

Back when I thought this quilt was going to be just pinks I had cut out several 1 1/2 inch wide strips of one of the light pink fabrics to use as the inner border. But then I added the yellow and thought the yellow sunburst fabric would make a really nice inner border. However, a couple of weeks ago I decided to clean my apartment and put the yellow fabric "away".

So there I was, having just finished the middle part of the quilt top, digging through my entire fabric stash (twice!) to see where it might be. Not only was I becoming increasingly frustrated in my inability to find the yellow fabric that I very clearly remember putting away *somewhere*, but I'm forced to face the fact that I have far more fabric than any sane apartment dweller can justify. I found fabric for:

  • - a full sized ten-thousand triangle quilt
  • - a flower basket quilt for my niece (lots of squares already cut)
  • - a pink & black pinwheel quilt
  • - about two baby-quilts worth of character prints
  • - several baby-quilts worth of non-character prints (I really had issues with the Fabric Depot outdoor sale this summer)
  • - easily half a dozen twin-sized scrap quilts worth of inherited fabrics
  • - an all cotton christmas themed lap-quilt or wall hanging
  • - about 4 skirts (three cotton, one cordoroy), flannel PJ bottoms from lord knows when & a half-sewn purse.
  • - and of course the Valorie Wells fabrics I showed off the other day.

If you're keeping track... that's enough fabric for at least 16 quilts and 6 other projects. IN A ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT! I know I told myself I was allowed to have a stash... I thought I had made peace with it, but honestly having to look at all of it is a bit overwhelming.

Oh...I did eventually find the yellow fabric I was looking for. I'd put it in one of the hat boxes reserved for my yarn stash (we're not even going to start talking about how much yarn I have hidden away). But now that I'm looking at it... I'm not even sure it's going to be enough for the border.

Why the @$^&! am I doing this again???


TV de LCD said...
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jovaliquilts said...

I often go through something similar, so I hear you. About the yellow -- it MAKES the quilt! It really adds something. Maybe you could do a tiny inner border of it (to finish at 1/2" or so). I think that would really be striking and maybe you'd have enough fabric??? Good luck!
(Borders are my least favorite part to do -- no fun at all.)

Michael5000 said...

Because, as I understand it, you love looking at quilts, you love talking to people about quilts, you love looking at fabrics, you love looking at quilt patterns and thinking about how to put fabric together. And you love curling up under a quilt that you made. You even like those first few stages of cutting up fabric and chain piecing little squares together.

Does that help?

Be strong, Rebel! The Craft can be cruel, but the frustrations and storage logistics always pass in time!

Michael5000 said...

Oh, and I also like the idea of yellow in the border. Post pics of that!

And, what is this with all of the blog comment spam recently? Doesn't it just stink?

Stariel said...

Hmm... perhaps for the same reason that I knit way more pairs of socks than I can realistically wear?

But seriously - how many pairs of socks would I have to knit you to get a quilt? :)

Zonda said...

Lovely topper there. I think what overwhelms me is not having the room to lay it all out, no room at the back of my machine to properly machine quilt it..the list is endless...Wishing you better luck! :)

Rebel said...

Jovial - glad it's not just me! I actually did have enough of the yellow fabric - yay!

Thanks for the encouragement M5K... I think what I really need is to give up my 9-5 job so I would have more time to work on projects and not feel so rushed on the weekends.

Stariel... don't tempt me!

zonda - no space is my big issue too. Lap/baby quilts are a little easier to handle, but it would be nice to have a big craft room.

piewacket said...

I really love the colours in this, the yellow would be great around the border. How do you find the time? I start with all goood intentions and then move on to something else. Could be why I have loads of UFO's on the pins! Keep with it Rebel it will be even more beautiful with the yellow border x

Batty said...

It's beautiful.

Rebel said...

pie - I have no life... that's how I have the time. LOL!

batty- thanks!

Exuberant Color said...

I love that comment, I have no life that's how I have the time. I could have said that. I am a self imposed hermit and what could be more fun than playing with fabric while I'm alone. I love your pink and yellows together. I am always misplacing fabrics too so I can relate.

Rebel said...

Exuberant - I could also point out that the carpet hasn't been vaccumed in two weeks, laundry's a few days over due and I live for my slow-cookier! Whatever it takes to get more craft time. =)