Friday, April 10, 2009


Next week is the Songkran festival... I think it's the Thai New Year. From what I understand the tradition is to pour water over your elders/superiors as a sign of respect and in return they will bless you with good luck.

Naturally, this deeply religious holiday has evolved into the mother of all water fights, and you can't go anywhere without being doused head to toe with buckets of water. Most importantly though, I will be getting all of next week off of work! Bunny, Bobby, LeBlonde, Marie, and I will all be going to Phuket for a few days. Unfortunately, the school didn't actually give us the holiday schedule until a couple of weeks ago, so we'd only planned to go for the 5 days we knew we would have off... but actually have a full 7 days off. Which I guess I can view as a little bonus... except that we'll be spending those two extra days in Bangkok - which we can (and do) visit any time we feel like it, instead of in Phuket or Ko Pi Pi... some of the most beautiful places in Thailand. ANYWAY! All this means that I will be on vacation for the next week.

You know me, and you know I'll be popping into internet cafes at every opportunity... but if I don't, I'm probably okay.
But before I go... I require some assistance.... flip-flop assistance! I never would have thought that I'd have a whole flip-flop wardrobe, none-the-less a flip-flop wardrobe crisis. Which ones should I bring to Phuket?
Bling-less but practical

Mini-bling, but not so much waterproof
Bling-o-riffic... possibly waterproof, but also ... you know, gaudy as hell.

I'm packing light, so I only want to bring one. What do you think?

Oh, and in case you've seen anything on the news, the yellow shirted protesters of a few months ago have been replaced with red shirted protesters who are trying to oust the PM who the yellow shirts like. I really don't give a geckos behind who's in power... but this is getting to be a bit annoying. I'm safe and these protesters have vowed not to close the airport. But then, they'd also vowed not to interfere with the ASEAN conference... and today they broke through the police barricade. So.... well, so far so good... I don't feel like I'm in any danger and I'll be avoiding the Bloods & Crypts as well as I can while in Bangkok. Wish me luck!

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Jonathan said...

I would stay stick with the first ones. Even if they lack a bit of bling, they look more comfortable. Also they would be more likely to match with everything than the other two (especially those J-Lo ones you have).

I think that's the safest one.

Jonathan said...

By the way, I think painting your toenails for the third photo skews the results!

Rebel said...

J - but skews it in which direction????

You know surprise option #4 just occured to me... buy new flip-flops at Phuket! =)

Susan said...

Just checking up to see how the protests are affecting you. Hope you had a good time on holiday!

Michael5000 said...

Or, as my coworker put it: Burmese New Year! It's the Water Festival! It's, like, the water is supposed to wash away all of the sins of the past year. But mostly people just drink a lot and get in fights.