Monday, April 6, 2009

Dream Interpretation anyone?

Really strange dream last night: I was in .... Oregon? and was going to Seattle with a friend - not a particularly close friend btw, G-man for anyone who remembers him. In order to get into Seattle, we needed to cross a bridge. We didn't have a car, there were no buses, and we didn't want to pay for a taxi. There was a new 'ride' that could get us across the bridge.

Basically, it's just a little flat car that goes along on some kind of train track. The thing is, there were no seats, there were no seat belts, there were no handles, you just sit down one behind the other - motorbike taxi style - and go. For some reason, the bridge was insanely steep, like roller-coaster steep. And we start going and suddenly I'm laying back practically upside-down, holding onto the car & my friend for dear life. The car goes up up up, then down down down - I'm terrified the entire time. Then we land in Seattle, and there's a little gift shop with glittery head-bands. I can't remember what, if anything we did in Seattle. But when it was time to go home, I had the same quandry.

Having been on the rollercoaster, I didn't want to do it again. My friend was a big fan and really wanted to go again. I asked if there were songthaews around, or a taxi... but there was nothing. I hemmed & hawed for a while before asking if there wasn't a subway. There was a subway.... but it went to NJ (because suddenly Seattle was New York or something) and we'd have to take a bus back to whereever it was we were trying to go... presumably Portland. Hmm... there was some issue with money at some point but I don't even remember what it was. But finally we decide to take the subway, we go down and there are these nice comfy couch-like seats (ala the BART in SF) and in addition, the staff came around with pillows.

Eventually I got 'home'... although I'm not sure which city it was, or where my actual home was. Then I woke up.

Anyone care to hazard an interpretatin? I guess, in the interest of full disclosure: I was operating on maybe 3 hours sleep over the previous 3 days, and had had a beer then took a benedryl before going to bed. So maybe not a purely spontaneous dream there.


IamSusie said...

I'll take a stab at it: Your life sometimes feels like a frightening roller coaster and people who you aren't particularly close to are encouraging you to take a crazy ride. You know best how to be comfortable and you'll always be able to figure your way home.

I dreamed about the anti-christ this afternoon because there was a documentary laying on the television during my nap. It wasn't scary or anything because I don't believe in the anti-christ.

IamSusie said...

typos... the documentary was PLAYING on the television...

Rebel said...

Susie... I've had anti-christ dreams too, and nightmares combining Sadam Hussein and the Borg. Sometimes dreams are just crazy. I think you're right though - this one is probably pretty straight forward.