Friday, June 27, 2008

Attitude Adjustment

I've been watching Oprah again.... watch out! She's talking about the law of attraction, and it's really speaking to me.

Lately I've been pretty focused on all the things I need to do before I get to Thailand, and I've been pretty overhelmed & worried... people ask me if I'm excited and I reply that I'm terrified. What's up with that? That's no way to live. This is supposed to be a good move for me. I got out of my soul sucking job, how can I not be thrilled? So rather than spending the rest of my time here all stressed out, I'm going to give myself a little attitude adjustment and start expressing a little more gratitude.

So here goes:

I have everything I need.
I have enough money.
I'm smart enough to succeed in this course.
I'm going to learn to be a good teacher.
I will learn enough Thai to communicate.
I will make good friends.
I will stay healthy.
Sally will be well cared for.
I'm going to have a fantastic time in Thailand.

So... there goes.... no more panic, no more terror, no more worrying. Whatever happens, I can deal with it, I can learn from it, and I can grow from it.


IamSusie said...

Rebel- I was just telling my husband about Oprah's show during dinner tonight. Poor hubby... he can't help but roll his eyes about Oprah. Some of her shows really are good and have helpful advice!

It helps so much to think of all challenging events as learning experiences and you will be stronger and better for having faced them.

There was another good show Oprah did a few months ago about getting what you want out of your job:

You've already started making these changes. Everyone benefits when we find ways to use or strengths and gifts at our jobs.

I hope you continue your blog when you are away! I haven't ever met you and don't even know your real name, but I'm cheering for you!

Bezzie said...

But it's like good terrified. Exciting terrified right? In my experience there's a difference. Like when we moved to NJ. It was exciting but terrifying because I had to trust that we'd find a place to live *after* we got there. It was thrilling in its own way.

Exuberant Color said...

Good for you. Affirmations are good. I caught the show last night at 11 p.m. Realistically you know there will always be little stumbles along the way and you just have to remember the big picture.

Michael5000 said...

Nothing wrong with a little terror. But for what it's worth, I'm not the slightest bit concerned about you. I think you are going to rock.