Saturday, November 1, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

A while ago I was wandering through Tescos and found this ad for helmets. It cracked me up so much... because I simultaneously had an American reaction and a Thai reaction and I really wanted to share both with you guys.

American Version:
OMG - that's not safe at ALL!
1. There are about three too many people on that motorbike!
2. Look at all those bags! What if they get caught in the tire?
3. Why isn't anyone wearing a protective jacket - or at least goggles?
4. Why is the baby the only one without a helmet?
5. Why is the baby even *on* the motorbike?
6. The baby! The baby! Won't someone *please* think of the BABY!

Thai Version:
1. Where's the family dog?
2. The whole family went to Tescos and that's all they bought?
3. What's with all the helmets?
4. What's wrong with the chick on the back? Why is she holding on to that guy, and why isn't she sitting side-saddle like a proper woman?? Must be her first time on a motorbike.
5. Why isn't anyone wearing a uniform... or at least a yellow polo shirt?
6. Looks like the little guy's just about ready for his own motorbike. =)

The antibiotics seem to have done their job and I haven't had any problems today. Well, no intestinal problems... I just hate the kids I teach on Saturdays. But I'm surviving, and I don't have to work tomorrow - so we'll give it a Code Mango.


Bezzie said...

#4 American is what hit me first!!!

Bezzie said...

#4 American is what hit me first!!!

Rebel said...

Thai #3 is what gets me the most now. Seriously, very few people wear helmets.

Michael5000 said...

: D

"The Baby!!!"