Sunday, November 16, 2008

Backstreet Girl

I was going to go to Bangkok today, this is like the third time I'd planned to go but backed out. The King's sister passed away earlier this year and they are having the funeral services now. Millions of additional people have gone to Bangkok to pay their respects. So I thought maybe this would not be the best time for me to go. Next week maybe.

And I've recently learned that one of the beaches I've been going to is called (in Thai) "Jellyfish Beach"... and for good reason. When I went swimming I felt all kind of itchy but didn't know why. Turns out it was lots and lots of tiny little jellyfish stinging me. I've got what looks like a rash all around my chest and on my back. It's not horrible, but it is making me rethink my whole 'quality time at the beach' objective. I'm going to have to figure out if there's a non-jellyfish beach around or what. This is beginning to explain why I'm often the only one in the water. =/ There is a product that is supposed to prevent jellyfish stings, well, prevent the pain & irritation from jellyfish stings. It's a sunscreen combo thing called SafeSea. I'm going to look for it here, but if I can't find it - I might be inclined to send some fun Thai souvenirs to anyone who can send me some. =)

So I didn't go to Bangkok and I didn't go to the beach... I just bummed around Rayong... and uncovered a bit of a mystery. Just behind Tesco Lotus there's a big technology mall. That's where I got my phone, and where I've gone to get the cards to add minutes. I also may or may not have purchased pirated videos there. Every single time I've gone, there's been a decent sized market out front. This is one of the few markets I'd seen that had souvenir type things, clothes and baskets and a few other handcrafts. I'd seen a blanket and a back-pillow that I really wanted, but hesitated because I wanted to wait until I had my first big paycheck. Well, I got my first big paycheck and tried to go there a couple times this week. Each time I went, the market wasn't there. At first I thought I had gone too late... then I thought maybe it's only open on the weekends. So I went again today... and the market was still gone. =(

I have no idea if that was a seasonal market or if it's just on a break or what. But the moral of the story is... if you see something you really like, you should get it when you see it! I was really bummed because it's finally getting cold enough (at night) that I really need a blanket (I only have a little 60x60 polyester throw from Lotus). I'd seen another market in the area so I decided to head towards it and see if they had anything good. It was a really big market, but almost entirely fish or fruit. Then I wandered around some other side streets and found a lot of other totally random shops.

Eventually I found another market with clothing and accessories. I stopped in a couple shoe places and got myself two new pairs. I really needed new sandels as I only had work shoes and flip flops. And I found a blanket. It's not as cute as the one I had seen before... but it's big, cheap, and not polyester (it's terry-cloth in fact... odd), then I found a couple shops that had fabrics. Oooooh... pretty pretty fabrics. No silk, but some beautiful woven cottons. Now, I realize, I should have followed my own advice and bought them on the spot, but I didn't have enough money on me for the fabric and the blanket, so I'll have to go back another time. But it was fun to wander around on different streets for a change.

TAG - Code Pineapple. I'm fine except that my poor chest is absolutely freckled with jellyfish stings =(


Trillian42 said...

It won't prevent it, but mix some meat tenderizer and vaseline, and put it on the rash. I got stung as a kid and that's what the lifeguard recommended. The rash was gone overnight.

Jellyfish suck. I'm sorry about that!

d said...

the ocean is a terrifying place.

i've heard that urine helps with the stings :). just have someone pee on you.

Rebel said...

As much as the idea of putting a meat tenderizer / vaseline paste all over me sounds disturbing... it's positively appealing in light of d's suggestion! =P

Michael5000 said...

I'm glad you weren't at Voracious Shark Beach.