Monday, December 15, 2008

Never teach kids,

No, never teach anything.

My camera is see-a (broken); and I dropped it off at the computer/technology store. I'm hoping that at some point it will be returned to me - who knows?

I was more successful at the mailboxes etc. type place at Tesco's and managed to buy a bunch of stamps. Yay! Postcards will be sent at some point in the not so distant future.

I'm taking an in-house teacher training course about Young Learners at my school, and I hope it helps me sort out my dreaded Saturday classes. I do want to learn how to teach kids (because I'm stuck with them for the time being), but today just made me feel like a complete failure. The other teachers seem to have a lot of games & activities in their pocket - I feel completely out of my league. I'm in a funk. Ugh... mai sa naam plah.

In other news, Bunny introduced me to Wizard People - a freakin' hillarious voice over of the entire first Harry Potter movie. There are a lot of great one liners like (when Prof. McGonagal transfigures from a cat into a person) "Never pet cats you don't know... no, never pet anything." It's amazingly useful. Poor Bobby ate some bad prawns on Ko Samet and she sent me a text message, "Never eat prawns... no never eat anything."

Ok... that's all I've got going on at the moment. TAG: Fish Sauce


Bezzie said...

How young of kids are we talking here? Just let go of those inhibitions and let your freak teacher flag fly! Trust me, kids of any culture dig it. ;-)

Batty said...

Heh, reminds me of Mystery Science Theater... I used to love that!

Sarah Nopp said...

I have friends teaching MIDDLE SCHOOL English in China. All freaking day, every freaking day. Are you on Facebook? I should connect you guys. They are insane.

Rebel said...

Bezzie... my freak flag only comes out with adults...and preferably with the liberal application of Vodka. I don't think the school would like me showing up drunk. =/

Batty... it's more funny if you watch it with someone, the one liners are so hillariously appliciable to a variety of life situations.

Sarah - yeah, that would be a nightmare. But I hear that if you work in a real school you get actual vacations.. not sure that's worth it.