Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not bad at all

Day off:

9am - meet up with Bunny & take take a songthaew to the Ban Phe

10ish to 11:30ish - Breakfast of toast, eggs, potatoes, and ham (and not a chili pepper to be seen anywhere!), followed by some souvenir shopping.

11:30am - songthaew to Suon Son beach.

noon to 5pm - Bliss on the beach briefly interrupted by a baby elephant wandering along the beach with it's owner. Bobby joined at around 2ish after teaching her only class of the day.

5pm - songthaew home, shower, change & go to Tesco

7 ish - dinner of not all together horrible pizza & beer.

9-10ish - chatting with a friend on facebook... planning future adventures (Argentina perhaps?)

Life is good. Code Mango*

*Having a day like this reminded me of why I created a Code Mango in the first place... I think I've been handing them out a little willy-nilly just because nothing obviously bad had happened that day. I think I'm going to be careful about not over-applying the Code Mango from now on... I need some way to distinguish the really special days.


Karin said...

Oh, jealous me. My hands and feet ache from the cold. Although, except for today, it's been cold and sunny, which is very different for Portland.

Batty said...

Wow. Yes, today, life is good.

Rebel said...

Karin - yeah, I'm convinced the cold weather made my knee hurt more. I'm such an old lady.

Batty - yesterday was good... now I have to go back to work. Oh well.