Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm not an egg!

I've developed a fairly high tolerance for Engrish since moving to Thailand, if I see a sign or menu in English I'm pretty excited and I really don't mind getting "friend fries" with my burger or "baccon" with my eggs. But there have been some things that just crack me up and inspired by Michael5000's latest post, I figured I should show them off a bit.

Exhibit one is my favorite: LOVE DWARF BEAR Well, I like egg fries, but I' m not an egg. Oh my god, anybody who can pick me up from this egg basket?!

It's just so perfect. Anytime I say something like "I like the beach" Bunny will respond "But I'm *not* the beach!" And I regularly find occasion to interject passionately "OMG anybody who can pick me up from this egg basket?!"

Exhibit two actually has no grammatical errors (that I can spot), but it is nevertheless an amazing example of English you just wouldn't find in an English speaking country:

This is our noodle.... ooh...ooh

This is the noodle we'll remember forever and ever

It means to you what it means to me

So from this moment on....

Super Jumbo! Noodle Gang

I feel good! Wow!

We know this is our noodle.

Our noodle ooh....ooh.

Now, this one absolutely *begs* to be sung... I challenge any musicians out there to whip up the tune. And actually, I found this in a 7/11 right after our big Christmas dinner (with you know, plenty of wine) and it just felt very significant at the time... riding our motorcycle taxis down the street we called out to each other "This is *our* noodle!"

TAG: I didn't have class today, had an American breakfast and hung out at the beach all day which is essentially the definition of a Code Mango kind of day.


Bezzie said...

You know, that noodle song is how I got Moochie ;-)

Chance said...

That is a terrific find. I love the mangled English of Asia.

But I'm not mangled English, myself.

mrs.5000 said...

OK, I'm charmed enough by Love Dwarf Bear's command of language, but what really fascinates me is the placement of her(?) eyes below her otherwise credibly bearlike snout. This does give her a creepy embryonic alien quality within a fairly standard teddybear kit of parts. It also conveys a just-hatched ("my eyes haven't migrated to their adult position yet") blindness. I am totally in awe.

Rebel said...

Oh Bezzie - first the gay bar, then the noodle song, what will inspire offspring #3? ;)

Chance - You are my noodle.

Mrs5K - Yay- I've temporarily lured you out of lurkdom! You know, I knew something was wrong with dwarf-bear's face I just couldn't put my finger on it. You've added a whole new level of WTF-ness to this bag, and for that I thank you. =P

Batty said...

I don't even know what to say... the first part sounds like it's part of the soundtrack to a teenage romance movie (Dirty Dancing or some such), the second part looks like marketing gone wrong. What a noodly fiasco! And yes, it begs to be put to music. The obvious solution would be J-pop, but my twisted mind wants to set it to speed metal.

Michael5000 said...

This made me laugh really hard.

Is it just me, or is there a kind of terrified desperation inherent to the interobanged cry "Oh my god, anybody who can pick me up from this egg basket?!"

Rebel said...

Batty - I'd love to hear your speed metal version!

M5K - that's exactly what I love about it, and why I find myself often quoting it.