Saturday, January 17, 2009

Technical Difficulties

My camera is broken again. I hate this camera. I need to try to get my old Kodak fixed - that thing was awesome.... not indescructable, but awesome. This Sanyo has given me nothing but grief.

And the other day right in the middle of a chat, my phone decided that I didn't *actually* need to be connected to the internet anymore. It's still not working - something about no packet data. I don't know what that's about but I'm going back to the store. I signed up for "unlimited access" not "intermittent access". Thank maude for internet cafes, even if I am surrounded by boys playing FPS games.

Oh, and my sink is broken. It's been broken for a while, in one of my first showers I made the mistake of putting my foot up on the sink so I could shave my leg, and it kinda dislodged from the wall a bit. D'oh! Not the highest of building standards here. Everything was fine for a while, but then it started leaking from the pipe where it connects to the basin. Everything's off set and it's gradually been getting worse - gravity and all. It's not a crisis since the shower drain is immediately below the sink - so it's not like it can flood. That's one advantage of the all-in-one bathroom design. But I finally got sick of it so I had someone at work write a note about it in Thai which I delivered to my landlord. She responded "I will tell my maid about this." - so apparently she speaks English! How did I not know this? I guess usually I deal with the receptionist/book keeper gal. Anyway, that's good.

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Bezzie said...

Wait, Thailand is part of the Ring of Fire right? Man, I'd be worried if sinks are coming dislodged that easy. Stay safe!

Mag said...

Plumbing problems! Argh. I"m either give me the deluxe bath suite or I'll just go behind a bush and bathe when I get home. No inbetweens. ;-)
Wait, the maid does the sink fixing? Is this why it came away from the wall?

Rebel said...

Bezzie - I think Indonesia gets a lot more sisemic activity than Thailand does.... but yeah, in general I try not to think too much about the building standards here.

Mag - I never realized how much a nice standard western bathroom meant to me until I came here. I don't think the maid does the plumbing, but I think the maid is the one who contacts the plumbers. There's a store under the apartment and I think my landlady mostly owns the building but does the day to day operation of the store. Actually, I really don't know how things work here.

Karin said...

As always, thinking well of you.
Love, love, love.