Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chicks kick ass!

So.. my teacher, quite a proper woman, has been telling us how not to offend people from other cultures, and how to teach them not to offend anyone in the US. Well, today she kicked Mr. Origami Darth Taco out of class! At our first break today she pulled him aside and asked him to leave because he didn't seem to be paying attention to the class. I wasn't there for it, but one of the other gals in the class was and she said he tried to get in her face and was basically telling her off. But she stood her ground and we were able to have the rest of the class in peace. Yay for awesome assertive teachers! Boo for Mr. Origami Darth Taco.

Today we focused more on Adult Basic Education, literacy for English speakers. We learned about decoding, comprehension and some different techniques for teaching reading & writing. She would demonstrate some of the methods and have us respond as though we were the student. But you know, we all speak English and we all read so she'd be pointing out a word and sounding out "S - a - t", and we'd respond "sat" which of course we could read before she even started sounding out. So it was both hilarious and incredibly satisfying, correctly answering such easy questions. It was also interesting to see the language we use and take for granted every day deconstructed and analyzed.

Now if I can only get one of the volunteer coordinators to call me back I might actually get to use what I've learned!

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jenn said...

Your teacher is awesome. And people that try to intimidate other people by getting in their faces crack me up. I can't imagine how he justified his oragami-related inattention to the class.