Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Introducing Sally

So for those of you who haven't seen/met her, this is Sally and you'll be seeing more of her. She's sitting on a little "quilt" I made her. Yes technically it's a quilt because it's two layers of fabric with batting in the middle & all three layers are sewn together. But it's a "quilt" because, come on... well I have more respect for the art of quilting than to call that a real quilt. Sally seems to enjoy it though... it's absolutely covered in fur & dirty paw-prints at the moment. =)


Magatha said...

Number one rule of the knit blog: If you have no ideas for content, cute cat pictures are always a big hit! Even Grumpy does it and Crazy Purl absolutely relies on it! ;-)

I mean this with no sarcasm what so ever!

And isn't she a pretty kitty!

jenn said...

Oh, sure, she LOOKS like a pretty kitty, but under all that fur (and fat) lies a vicious, self-serving little kitty heart. And I'm only willing to say that because I'm in a different state, so she can't claw my eyes out.

Rebel said...

It's true... so true. :P

(don't tell her I said that!)