Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tutor Training

Today I'm going to the second tutor training workshop. After today I should be qualified to help an adult learn to read or tutor an English language learner. Last week's class was really good. I learned so much about how to teach English to someone who doesn't speak it. I also learned a little about learning disabilities. It's by no means a comprehensive course (I'd need to get a Masters degree to learn the theory behind it all), but it will get me started. Now I just need the volunteer coordinator to call me back with a placement. She has until Monday morning - after that I'm calling one of the other coordinators.

I do have one gripe about the class last week - the guy next to me. Seriously, I thought I left guys like that behind when I graduated High School. He spent the first hour or so of class doing Origami. He made a couple of cranes, and this weird ball type thing. Then played with the paper scraps. Now, we did learn about how some people are "Kinesthetic/Tactile Learners" ... you know they need to touch everything and learn best by hands-on-methods. I buy that. But I still fail to see how doing Origami in the middle of a lesson on adult literacy is helping anyone. I found it unbelievably distracting & annoying.

Oh, and he was a breather. I hate breathers. You know, the ones who give big heavy sighs on a regular basis... who sound like Darth Vadar. Now I'm asthmatic and even I don't breathe that loudly (when awake anyway, I've been told I snore quite heartily). I was so irritated and distracted by his very existance in the class I nearly got into an accident when I went to get my lunch.

Then, back in the class-room (she'd only given us a short break to get lunch... then we ate in the class room while watching a video)... the guy comes back in - with a FISH TACO! Yeah, that's considerate when you've got 20 people crammed into a small classroom where you can't open the windows. Oh man.

So today... I'm going to try to sit as far away from Mr Origami Darth Taco as I can.

Wish me luck!


clumberknits said...

Ooh, yes, stay far far away!

Kudos to you for volunteering! I hope to be able to do something similar when my kids are a bit older.

We have a 'breather' in our department. Unfortunately, we have weekly telephone conference calls, and it always creeps me out because he is then breathing right in my ear! I've tried to hint around to my boss about requiring everyone to use the mute button when they are not speaking, but she hasn't yet gotten the gist of what I'm saying. I may have to be blunt about it soon, because I get shivers up my spine, and not in a good way!

Melody said...

Some people will just never get that what they do quietly can still distract everyone else. It's great that you got your training and you are ready to start soon!

- Melody
oh, and I love the pink blog :-)

Magatha said...

I am so impressed with your taking on this skill and community service! Yay Zuma!

Now about Mr. Origami. I wonder if he is a Ghost in the Shell fan? (anime) Does he make the same origami figure over and over again? <---this is an obscure joke at his expense. LOL