Wednesday, June 6, 2007

99% Perspiration, 1% Inspiration

I’ve been working hard, at work and at home. My secret project is rockin’ awesome (if I do say so myself). But more on that when it’s all finished.

My tutoring is going well. Today we did a lot more than we did last week. I introduced shapes so I could help her form certain letters. How can you tell someone how to make a B if they don’t know the words line or curve? We also did colors, I could tell she’d heard them before, but she didn’t know all of them. Then I read to her a book about Oregon. It’s the perfect kind of book for this situation, lots of pictures, only two or three sentances per page, but very topical and not necessarily geared towards children. The book even talked about the Rose Festival… which is good because that’s going on right now. We went through the pictures, and I read the book twice, she repeated several of the things I said, even if she didn’t totally understand them. Anyway I call today a success. I even got to give her homework. I’m loving this!

I’ve also been getting a lot of inspiration for a future quilt… third or fourth down the line of course.


Bezzie said...

Yeah shapes make sense. Now that picture has me intrigued. Were you drunk when you took it? Are you planning on quilting a Drunkard's Path?

Rebel said...

No I wasn't drunk bezzie! Is it that blurry? But there's probably going to be a path involved.