Thursday, June 28, 2007


One woman's trash...

Is another woman's stash!
A coworker of Hellahelen was destashing a *lot* of fabric, and I was the lucky recipient of a huge bag full. There's quite a variety. Some pretty calicos:

Some funkier florals - this one has little woodland creatures:

Sally approves:

There was just so much fabric, and large pieces too, a lot of yard and half yard cuts. There's at least a yard & half of a solid dark blue, and I was thinking of making myself some shorts out of it. Some of the fabric has a distinctly mid-80s look to it, big florals in pastels & teal, some stripes, some ginghams and a few geometric patterns. It's an even mix of dark & light colors. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to use most if not all of it eventually. I'm washing it all right now because it smells like, for lack of a better word, basement. The fabric is not dirty, and doesn't show any signs of water damage or mold or anything like that... it just smells like basement. I'm hoping that a laundry cycle or two will freshen it up.

Yay for free fabric!


Bezzie said...

Score!!! There's some decent stuff in there!!

Magatha said...

Wonderful loot!

Sally is such a cute kitty. I love Sally pics.

michael5000 said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I love free fabric so much, I even have a separate bin for "Crappy fabric that I would never want, except it was free!" Good for utility blankets.

Zonda said...

Nice fabric in there! Yeah, maybe add a bit more of softner! Have fun!

Katie said...

yay for free fabric! woohoo!