Saturday, June 2, 2007

Quilts & Caturday!

All your quilts are belong to me!
I tried laying out all my quilt pieces to work on them... but the bed was invaded, and the quilt was conquered. Fortunately there were survivors, and I should be able to work on my quilt again soon.
In other quilty news, the Northwest Quilt Guild show was today. It was a pretty small show, but there were a number of impressive quilts. The volunteer coordinator I've been working with showed one quilt.

Not bad for a guy. ;)

As I turned a corner to go down one of the aisles, I saw one that looked familiar. I thought 'Hey that looks like JL's quilt.' And sure enough it was! JL is a friend from work and we'd actually gone to the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show one year, but I didn't know she was showing a quilt today. So that was a nice surprise.

I'm still working on my secret project. I made a lot of progress yesterday, so I'm feeling pretty good about it. Pictures soon.


T said...

I fixed my computer and I can read your blog now!!!

Rebel said...


Bezzie said...

Can't wait to see what you're up to.

Don't you love the way cats have that innate "have to sit on whatever your working on" instinct?

Rebel said...

Bezzie - I've started thinking of it as her seal of approval. If she sits on it, it must be half-way decent. If she sticks her leg up and starts licking her butt - it's a masterpiece!! ;)