Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fiber Addicts (not so) Annonymous

Hi, my name is Rebel and I'm a Fiber Addict.

I needed yellow thread. I really, genuinely, needed yellow thread. I popped into Cool Cottons on Hawthorne and found said yellow thread. But they had new fabric! Cute new fabric!! Cute new fabric with Pink Flowers!!!

I was powerless to resist. I bought enough for a skirt... but who knows what I'll end up doing with it. And somehow as I walked to the counter to have pay for the fabric & thread, a little Valorie Wells fat quarter jumped into my hand!

I just should not be allowed to enter fabric stores.

On the plus side, I'm really close to finishing up two quilts. The I-spy quilt just needs to have binding attached (which I do by machine like the lazy quilter that I am). Another quilt you haven't seen was half-way through being quilted when I ran out of the yellow thread.

I just need to accept the fact that I'm a fiber stasher, and just start focusing on hiding... I mean... organizing my stashes.
And as if I didn't already have enough sewing/ quilting projects in the queue, I've wound up a few hanks of my Lorna's Laces and have cast on for a swatch. I'm going to make another Everyday Cardigan. It's an easy pattern, I already know how to do it, and I know I like the end result. I'm excited to see how the color changes will show up. Hopefully the blue/purple will be artfully highlighted by the splashes of green, and I don't get like a funky pool of green across my stomach or anything. LOL! Only time will tell.


Batty said...

So pretty! No wonder you're addicted. With patterns like that, who could possibly resist?

Zonda said...

Hehe..I'm the same way with fabric and it spilled over into yarns too! Lovely fabrics you chose and that LL for your EDC will be very pretty! Still working on my 1st EDC.

Michael5000 said...

There's nothing wrong with keeping supplies and materials on hand to fuel and support your creative endeavors! As an active and proficient craftsperson, you should be proud of having the essentials of your craft on hand!

Ha, ha, just kidding of course. Compulsive fiberholic sicko.

Bezzie said...

yeah fabric is way more addictive I think because you can vary the amount you buy--1/2 a yard, 3 yards, 1 yard....hee hee! Very nice florals though!

T said...

2 very nice prints, that went to a good home so, it is really bettern in the long run!!!

Libby said...

No, see, if you legitimately needed yellow thread then you are ALLOWED to buy at least two pieces of fabric. So no worries!

Rebel said...

Libby - I need to take you with me next time I go fabric shopping!!! You can be the little quilter on my shoulder saying "buuuuy it, buuuuy it."