Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I was fine.

I was fine all day yesterday. Woke up, went to work. I knew it was 9/11, but I was fine. I'd briefly considered digging out an American flag to fly (I know I have one somewhere - is it horrible that I know exactly where my Mexican flag is?) but I was running late. I was fine when I left work, and went to pick up my new glasses. And on the way I had to stop for a fire truck returning to the station. As I sat at the red light watching the fire truck back up & park, I started thinking about those firefighters who died in the Twin Towers, and about Mychel Judge, the chaplain who was victim #1 of the attacks. I just started crying. I'm not fine. There's too much evil in the world, just too much evil in our own country.

Be the change.