Sunday, September 23, 2007


Today I had the pleasure of joining a few knittyheads at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in beautiful Canby Oregon. I showed a lot of restraint and only picked up four skeins of Soy Silk (on sale =) ). It helped that I'd splurged at Black Sheep, and still haven't knit anything from those yarns yet. The Soy Silk is earmarked for Soleil take 2.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's a really nice subtly variegated purple. I like variegated yarns, but I'm discovering that I don't like them with a lot of different colors blended in. I like tone on tone a lot better.
In quilting news, I had made a lot of progress quilting one of the baby quilts. But when I looked at the back side, I was really unhappy with the way it looked. So I slowly but surely picked it out. Actually there are a lot of bits that I just couldn't pick out the stitches were too close together. So tomorrow I'll see if I can find a better seam ripper. And then I'll pick a slightly less ambitious quilting pattern and give it another shot.


Magatha said...

I've seen that soy silk up close and personal at my LYS and it's very pretty.

Michael5000 said...

I got a pair of the little tiny Fiskars scissors with the "microserated" blades last spring, and I love 'em. They are better than a seam ripper for seam ripping.

Does soy wool have anything to do with soy?

jenn said...

Very pretty yarn. I agree that the variegated stuff looks better when it's done with similar shades.

And now I know why you didn't answer your phone yesterday. =)

Melissa said...

I was sorry to have missed this. Was it fun?

Rebel said...

Mag - it was only $9 a skein, at something like 250 yards each, I think it's usually more like $15, so I splurged.

M5K - it's Soy Silk (not wool), it's just soy yarn that feels like silk.

J - I meant to call you when I got your message, but then got distracted & forgot. I'll try to call you tonight after 9pm.

M - It was fun, but it was a lot like Black Sheep, so you didn't really miss much.

Jessica said...

What the heck! I didn't get a schedule thingy! I've been jipped. ;) Great self restraint you've got there. :)

Michael5000 said...

"soy yarn"? Like, made from soybeans?!?