Saturday, December 22, 2007


I are serious cat.

This are serious blog.

Or maybe not. Just thought you should see where Sally is while I'm blogging. Actually, I know you don't care where Sally is while I'm blogging. But it's my blog and I can post dorky pictures of my cat if I want to. ;) She's my designated leg-warmer, and quite a good one she is!


Bezzie said...

Where I live they're call lap whores not leg warmers! Ha ha! So squishlicious!

Rebel said...

Lap whores... that's a good one. Sally's an attention whore for sure, she'll go up to anyone to get a few strokes. Of course, she'll scratch the eyes out of anyone who picks her up... but strokes - she loves 'em.

Magatha said...

Sally, you're beautiful.