Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Snowflake's no flake

The goodies just keep on coming! I got my Snowfake Swap presents the other day... I thought briefly about keeping them under the tree until Christmas but really... who am I kidding? ;) I waited a few hours, then dug in.
Sally jumped right up and started sniffing everything out.
Here are all the goodies unwrapped. Well, almost all, I started munching on the chocolate covered marshmallow snowman right away.... and you know washed it down with some of the cocoa. But there was also some yummy Stash Tea (my favorite) a GIGANTIC candy cane, chocolate truffles, Mmmmmmmm yummy Noro silk garden, and most thoughtfully a 'feather-mouse' for Sally.

She loves it, although she's also quite fond of the tissue paper everything was wrapped up in. So I tossed the toy into a pile of the papers on the floor, and she was in kitty heaven digging through the papers to pounce on the feathers, tossing it around, just having a blast. So yeah... the floor's a mess for Sally's benefit. Yeah, and the suitcase is on the floor for Sally to sleep in/on.... yeah, it's there on purpose. No, I'm not too lazy to clean up. ;) Thank you Zimmie for being a great Snowflake!


Magatha said...

That's a pretty fancy kitty toy! Very nice cache!

Michael5000 said...

You opened presents before Christmas?

You opened presents before Christmas?!?

How could this have happened?

Anonymous said...

Goodness, that is such a nice package, but I think Sally got the best end of the deal! hehe, just kidding!

chastity hug and kiss said...

youre right, our trees do look similar :)

and my school, albeit a public one, loves Christmas. there are trees and lights in the Student Union, the dining halls, and Memorial Circle (which is what the pics are of). we even have a grand tradition called Carol of Lights with Christmas carols before they officially turn on the lights in the circle. its pretty awesome and it makes me happy :D