Thursday, December 20, 2007


I finished weaving in the ends of Mr. Greenjeans at knit-night tonight. So technically it's done.

But it still looks more than a little lumpy to me. Of course, I'm more than a little lumpy so.... Anyway, I'll block it and see if I can sort it out a bit.


Stariel said...

Nice sweater!

Psst... Guess who's probably coming to Portland?

email me

Missamite said...

We've created a cable monster. Yay for another FO.

Magatha said...

I love the color and you've done well with the pattern but it is clearly too big for you. If your sis can wear it, them all's the better for your effort.
What's it made out of?

Bezzie said...

Well I'll be the first to admit that I'd be happy that I knit a sweater too big as opposed to too small!

I love it and I love that color.

Rebel said...

It's Patons Merino (you'll be seeing a lot of it as I went a *little* overboard when Michael's had it on sale for $3.50 / 223 yds!)

And you're right, it is too big. I know what my measurements are, but I always go up a size 'just in case'. The next sweater I make will be a study in "negative ease".

Zonda said...

I like it, but yep, too big for you! I'm still pondering my size to cast on after the holidays.