Saturday, January 19, 2008

Anatomy of a LOLCat

There's been a blog challenge to show off & measure your kitty's "Bunny Thumper". It's surprisingly difficult to get a good shot of Sally's Bunny Thumper.

Sally's bunny thumper is approximately 5" long

Often the Bunny Thumpers are carefully protected by her Chubbular Region.

But as every cat owner knows, the most vital part of a lolcat's anatomy is her Axis of Schnorgeling.

To maintain the health & wellbeing of your lolcat regular schnorgeling should be applied here.


Bezzie said...

Sometimes I feel the need to pinch their cat cheeks when I'm not petting the axis of schnorgling.

Tell Sally my Springs and her have the same size thumpers.

Magatha said...

Oh, MY GoodNESS! Sally! I love that cat.

Beverly said...

Chubullar. That cracks me up! No matter what size they are, all cats have it. Even my little 7 lb nightmare.

Batty said...

I think I'm going to schnorgle my kitties now to assure well-being.

Michael5000 said...

This post is very silly.

Rebel said...

Bezzie - I told Sally, but she seems utterly disinterested.

Mags - you want her? Going cheap. ;)

Beverly - yeah most cats have a chubbular region, however, I think Sally's is the size of your entire cat. ;)

Batty - good work!

M5K - you mean "thilly". ;)