Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Getting from point A to point B

For about two years I faithfully participated in a water aerobics class every Tuesday and Thursday after work (let's clear up the sterotype right now - it wasn't just a bunch of old ladies, two of the other regulars were younger than I). Anyway the instructor was awesome and she'd often commend us for comming to work out so regularly. She said, if you think about it, a million things have to go right to get from your intention to work out to actually working out. And she's right... everything has to go right in order to make it to the gym, but any one thing going wrong can get in the way... you could forget your swimsuit, your membership card, a coworker could have an emergency & you could end up working late. Anything could happen. Something about her philosophy about a million things needing to go right in order to accomplish something just made me feel better. You know, sometimes everything lines up just right and you end up where you wanted to be.

And sometimes it doesn't. Like yesterday... and today. One thing I'd been meaning to do for a while was to go to the laundromat (rather than using the washer & dryer in my building) so that I could hang out at Starbucks and force myself to do some reading I've been avoiding. Anyway yesterday I finally got inspired, packed up all my laundry & detergent & quarters, got my reading material together (and some knitting just in case), got all ready to go.... and my car wouldn't start! Now a lot of the people in my building work where I work, and like me walk everyday. Unlike me though, many don't have cars, so there wasn't anyone around for me to ask to jump-start my car. I ended up staying home and trying to do my laundry here.... except that someone else was already using the machines. And I only managed to finish the wash cycle before 10pm at which point we're not allowed to use the dryer. Wet clothes in the washer all night - lovely. And I'm lucky they didn't freeze, as it snowed last night. Big sloppy wet snow all over the hill.

Anyway, I got up today threw my clothes in the two driers and went to work. Got home only to find out that one of the driers was broken, and my clothes are still as wet as they were the night before!!!! But that's not even the best part... I walk into my apartment to hear an odd thup thup thup coming from behind the couch. I investigate and find that there's water dripping from the ceiling and onto my long-unused exercise equipment (not to mention dust-bunnies of lethal proportions and the carcases of numerous rolly-polly bugs). I notified my oft-inebriated landlord, who gave me a big bucket and a cheerful "hopefully it'll stop when the snow melts."

I was still trying to figure out which minor deity I had annoyed lately when a friend showed up to help me jump start my car. Fortunately we managed to get my car started without electrocuting ourselves (it was raining & there was still a lot of wet smushy snow on the car, around the car - everywhere really). So I got one thing working.... and I guess that's something, not much... but it's enough.


Magatha said...

Do you start your car evey day? Even when you don't drive it, epecially in winter, I'd start it every day and let it idle for about 5 or 10 minutes to keep the battery charged.

Pain in the A, but better than the alternative.

Bezzie said...

Oof. That dryer thing is bunk--I HATE wasting quarters on bum dryers.
Well on the plus side, at least you didn't find a pair of men's underpants in your laundry when you did get it dry right?

Michael5000 said...

Now THAT is what I would call A Crap Day. Better tomorrows!