Monday, January 7, 2008

Ch ch ch changes

I've been thinking about how to deal with my political views on my blog, because I like having a place where I can air my thoughts, but I know some people just want to look at crafty goodness, and I came up with a plan. When I discuss politics, I'll turn the text purple, and you can just skip right by it if all you want to see are my normal non-controversial* posts, or alternately, you can wait for a 'purple post' to voice all your political opinions.

See, something about politics makes otherwise rational and reasonable people turn into ... well... jerks (myself included at times... I lost a long-time friend after what started out as a political disagreement but turned into mud-slinging knock down drag out 'and 10 years ago you...' fight like you wouldn't believe). I don't totally understand it. It seems like two intelligent people should be able to sit down and discuss different aspects of an issue and if necessary just agree to disagree. But that just doesn't seem to happen. I guess people just feel very passionately about how they want the country to be run... and I can respect that, I know I feel pretty passionately about certain things. Anyway, for that reason I'd been trying not to get too wrapped up in the presidential election. But I guess it's upon us now. Although it's really not... we've got the better part of a year before we actually get to vote for the President. I kinda wish we did things more like the UK... elections get called and then boom - people vote. None of this campaigning for four years straight. I'm tired of it... and I think it makes for good campaigners, but not necessarily good leaders.

ANYWAY... what I meant to say is that I'm feeling hopeful our next president. I watched a bit of a debate the other day (I missed the Republican half), the candidates were discussing the threat of nuclear terrorism. Obama started out and said a lot of things I agreed with (I'm in love with Obama - but I'm trying not to let that cloud my judgement of him as a potential president), but then Clinton brought up a few things that made sense (and you know... she's a woman... which would be nice for a change), then Richardson made a lot of good points too (and I do loves me some underdogs) . It was nice to hear intelligent debate about the subject, even if it wasn't a particularly in depth conversation, and it was especially nice to hear presidential candidates saying things I could agree with. Over the past several years I've done a lot of screaming at Bush on the TV, and I don't like feeling that angry all the time. But more than that... I was impressed that all of the candidates pronounced the word "nu-cle-ar" and not "nuke-u-lar". And it occurred to me that no matter who gets elected...things can only go up from here (although I mentally cross my fingers when I say that, for fear of being jinxed into getting someone even worse than Bush... god I'm so tired of being scared to hope).

In other news, I called the folks who run the CELTA course and I have an interview on Thursday to go over my application materials. Wish me luck!

Oh.... and I learned how to text! I <3 txting!!!!11!!eleventyone!!!OMGponies!!! Seriously, it's like when I was in high school and we'd pass notes in class. So fun and so sneaky. I can see why the kids love it. Well... except when I was in high school I didn't get charged 15 cents a line for a note. Oh well.



Bezzie said...

Pretend this comment is purple. Ha ha! I'm not sure what to think this year either. I didn't think I was a Hillary supporter until Obama beat her in Iowa..and I was pissed. Like you see your ex-boyfriend with another girl and you thought you were over him, but you realize you really weren't? I thought I was open to other candidates, but I'm not so sure anymore!

Texting is fun, but I haven't mastered the text-speak yet.

Rebel said...

LOL! I understand, I do like Hillary, and she makes a good point about experience vs. oratory skills. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Magatha said...

I love your idea of purple text! I've decided already who I am supporting and if he doesn't get the nomination for his party, then I am not voting. I carefully examined the past actions in both public and personal life for each of the candidates and compared it against what I require for my president. That's how I made my choice.

Good luck with your CELTA.

Magatha said...

PS> Here's how I keep my friends. When the beloved Bezzie says she supports my most hated candidate, I look the other way. She suredly has her reasons as I do and I respect her enought to leave her alone about it. Hill aint gonna win anyway, so it's no skin off my butt. ;)

Rebel said...

Yeah, I know.... I like Hillary, but I'm well aware that many many many many many people hate her. She comes into the race with a lot of baggage.

mlle b said...

Don't feel too bad for Richardson. If talk around the town is correct, he's a practical shoo-in for the VP position, so he should be golden no matter what!

Karin said...

I LOVE that you're getting into politics!

And, I extend my good luck wishes retroactively. Hope they helped. :)

Sue, aka seiding said...

Catching your blog, Zu--er--Rebel, I've been a bit out of touch. Good idea about the purple text. I know a woman who refuses to tell anyone her political views, because she grew up in a family divided by politics. She's been married 30+ years, and here husband doesn't know which way she votes. I think that's foolish. Reasonable people should be able to reasonably disagree, but I guess it doesn't work out that way sometimes, huh?
Anyway, I'm reading your purples. I think we mostly agree, but I'd still read them if we didn't because I like to hear what other people think. :)