Friday, January 18, 2008

Free-association Friday

Reduced fat cheese: cheese or "cheese"? Discuss.

Also up for discussion today: Let's get drunk, smoke a few joints & go antagonize a 500 pound tiger.
Also, can you think of anything that these two stories have in common?


Trillian42 said...

Reduced fat cheese = still cheese. Some of them are pretty decent.

Fat-free cheese, however = plastic. Ick.

Magatha said...

I eat 2% cheese. I have to, I'm old and I like it. Once you go low fat, you can't abide full fat. I feels gloppy in the mouth. So I vote that it is indeed cheese, however Europeans and chefs will scowl and look up their noses at it and me for saying so.

The tiger is dead. A stupid kid is dead. I am angry about the tiger. The kids got what they deserved. And I knew that is what happened as soon as I heard the story.

What these two have in common? I don't know. Smarter monkeys than I will have to figure it out.

Rebel said...
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Rebel said...

Hmmm... I was going for "things that are wrong, so wrong". But I may have to reconsider my position on reduced fat "cheese". I bought it on accident. I got some "Ancient Heritage" sheeps milk cheese at the farmers market last week and it was heavenly!

I'm sad about the tiger too, in the wild he would have just had a tasty snack and smartened up the human gene pool a bit.

Bezzie said...

Hm, I was thinking maybe you thought that it was the Bengals playing the Packers instead of the Giants this weekend.

Tilamook--one of the gems of the west coast. These easterners...oye, they wouldn't know good store bought cheddar if it smacked 'em on the head.

jenn said...

In theory I'm opposed to low-fat cheese, but there are two that I like quite a bit: "Lite" (their spelling, not mine) Jarlsberg Swiss and the low-fat little baby bells.

I've sort of been following the story about the tiger, and here's my question: who gets loaded and goes to the ZOO for fun?

Michael5000 said...

Let's get drunk, smoke a few joints & go antagonize a 500 pound tiger.

Now we're talking! Want to meet at the Zoo MAX stop, or should we have dinner first!?