Sunday, May 4, 2008

Broken Dishes

I've just finished my Trash to Treasure quilt - Broken Dishes. It turned out exactly as I had intended. I used all free fabrics, most of the fabrics were delivered to me in a trash bag (two of the black florals including the outside border is from my mom's stash). The binding is all leftover pieces from other quilts. I had hoped to use leftover batting as well, but I didn't have quite enough.

Here's the finished top:And here's a picture of the quilt that inspired me in the first place (stolen from the internet):
I think I hit it right on the mark.

This quilt was the first time I used meander quilting for a whole project, and this represents the closest stitching I've ever done on a quilt (I'm usually pretty lazy about the actual quilting part).
The stitching does indeed meander, and there's only one place (maybe two) where I stitched myself into a corner & had to cross over the line to get back into free space. More practice is definitely called for - but I did okay.

I managed to do a small label that's legible if plain.

All told, this little scrap quilt is perfect for laying out on the ground in the sun.

At least Sally thinks so!


gl. said...

looks fabulous! right on the mark is right!

T said...

It turned out really GREAT! I like it even better then the one you found, because I like the colors better! GOOD JOB!!!!

Michael5000 said...

I'm with T. I think you exceeded the mark. The plaids in the original... well, they aren't terrible, but they're a visual problem that yours doesn't have.

It looks smashing, and you beat me to meander quilting. I am glaring at you for that, but you can tell I'm just jealous.

Bezzie said...

You nailed it! And Sally sorta did too--she looks like some kind of obscure quilt tool there--a quilt weight. It keeps your quilt from blowing away when you take pictures.

Magatha said...

I love that pic of Sally in the sun on the new quilt.

Rebel said...

Thanks everyone! I'm still really impressed with the fact that I can decide I want to make a quilt and when it's all done it actually looks the way I wanted it to. Nothing else in my life works out like that!!! Oh, and I think I'll be posting Sally's quilt-sitting skills on eBay to see if she can start earning her keep. ;)

M5K - don't be jealous, you've got 5 Storm Quilts (so far) you can practice on. By the end of summer you'll be a pro!

jovaliquilts said...

I really liked the quilt in the first photo, but I really, REALLY liked it in the outdoors pic with the cat. It looks great!

Elizabeth said...

You are really inspiring me with the quilts. Great work!