Saturday, May 24, 2008

In their natural habitat

I've seen a couple of posts lately of "Quilts in their Natural Habitat" and thought I'd post mine.

Coincidentally this is also Sally's natural habitat. Although when it's sunny, she'll be on the top of the quilt watching birds.

Of course, when it's *really* sunny, Sally's natural habitat extends to the garden.


Mandi said...

That's adorable - my dog seems to like my quilts and blankets too, despite how many times I shoo her off of it. ;-)

jovaliquilts said...

Put a cat and a quilt in the same room, and they will find each other!

Mom2fur said...

Sally is as pretty as the quilts! The gold in her fur sort of matches the gold in that one quilt where she's lying down.
My cats like to 'sunbathe,' too. I have two--a tuxedo named Nutmeg and a tortoise-shell tabby named Melody. I have a chihuahua, Shadow, who likes to snuggle under quilts (I've made them, but I'm not good at it.) The ferrets just like to get into the fabric stash and cause trouble.