Monday, August 18, 2008

First lesson down

I survived my first teaching practice. I was doing vocabulary review and I grossly under estimated how much they would know, and how quickly they'd jump in with the answers. What I thought would take 20 min. took about 5. Lordy lordy lordy. So I had to teach off the cuff for 15 min. What I actually did, I don't think I did too badly at, it was just not enough... and towards the end I was really really scrambling. I met my aim for the lesson though, so I got an "at standard" for the lesson, and survive to teach another day.

After class the Canadian, the Brit, and the short Aussie went to the pub at the end of the block for a drink. I had lagged back with Joey & Sheila to go over some points for our next lesson, but met up with them. I was going to just go home and start working, but you know, rapport building is important too! I wasn't going to have a beer... until I saw them on the table and just had to indulge. I was going to limit myself to just one... but in Thailand they refill your drink before it's even half empty (talk about optimists!!!) so my drink got refilled before I knew what was happening. That was the big red warning flag though, I mean, the beer was actually good (not as good as Drop Top Amber, but you know, refreshing) so it could have been big trouble. I left before the waitress could give me another top-up and back to the mall cafeteria for dinner & lesson planning. I don't teach tomorrow so I have a *tiny* window to check in here.

I just wanted to say I completely adore the short Aussie. He was rhapsodizing about how much he loves his country and how he's so proud the green party got a majority in their senate (??), and when W. came to visit Australia, Bob Brown stood up and turned his back on him. Anyway he was adorable. He fairly glowed as he said "I love Australia from here" (top of his head) "to here." (bottom of his foot). Good guys... I can't wait for the course to be over so we can go out for a proper night of drinking & chatting.

Oh and the Brit was so funny - they were talking about rhyming slang and he wouldn't explain the dirty one to me (it was a slang word we don't use in the US ... so the rudeness of it was lost on me anyway). The short Aussie did though, and he said his favorite was "I like James Blundt." which just about made me spit my beer all over the table.

It's nice to be around boys. The office where I used to work used to run a little high on estrogen at times - so this is a nice change.

I might feel differently when the farting starts though. =P


Magatha said...

Boys and farts run in packs. It's all good.

Hey, all that networking will be your best resource. You can discuss stuff, like what to do when lessons run shorter than planned because your students are so smart. :)

Lady Miss Violet said...

If the teaching thing doesn't work out, you can publish your travel blog as a book. This makes for great reading. I think you're doing great so far!
Take care!

Michael5000 said...

It ain't your first shot at teaching unless you are freaked out and dripping with sweat at the end of it. Ya done good. Keep it coming!

Karin said...


That is all.

Rebel said...
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Rebel said...

mags - can we still call it 'networking' when the boys start changing clothes in the lunch room & Sheila & I offer/threaten to take pictures?

miss violet - that's flattering, but I think I'll stick to my small but fabulously encouraging blog audience. =)

M5K - technically I was freaked out and dripping with sweat *before* the lesson so... ;)

Karin - Hi!

That is all. =P