Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food Glorious Food

Nothing improves my mood quite like a nice meal. Which probably explains my current physique. I was actually pretty happy today anyway, but class can be a bit tiring – absorbing so much new information. At our first break I noticed a classmate – the quiet Aussie eating something wrapped in a banana leaf. I asked him what he was and he described it as a kind of sweet sticky rice and offered me one… in fact he insisted I take his second one.

It. Was. GLORIOUS. First, it was wrapped in a bright green banana leaf and closed with a bamboo toothpick, it was like a little present. I opened it up and base of it was a black sticky rice stuck together with awesomeness. On top there was toasted thinly shredded coconut. I can’t even tell you how delicious it was. I actually did a little spin. Sweet, mushy, sticky, crunchy… just amazing.

Then today at lunch I walked across the street to the place where all the University students eat… just rows and rows of food stalls and plenty of tables and benches. I had pork fried rice. Except to call it “pork fried rice” brings up all kinds of images of food that’s not even in the same caliber as this dish. There’s no way to describe the flavors, I don’t know what on earth they’re using in all their food… it’s just so good!!! There were bits of tomato and sweet bell pepper but also something I couldn’t really place. I thought it was like an olive, but when I found it again, it looked like that was the pork… or sausage bit. No idea. Not spicy per se, just very very flavorful, lots of umami. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish it – I was too full (from the glorious rice dish of earlier)… but it was phenomenal. Did I mention that this meal cost 25 baht.... or about 74 US cents???

If you visit me… I promise to take you there. =P


Magatha said...

It could be Reb that the flavor you're experiencing is called "fresh" as in fresh off the farm, sea, butcher etc.
There is a time delay to all of our American mass produced food. It has a schedule set for manufacturing and not for optimum freshness and flavor.
Also, food tastes better in the tropics. I don't know why, but it does. Could be the air temperature and the humidity that helps your nose 'get' all the nuances of the taste. And the freshness factor again. Stuff can't hang around long in a tropical climate.

He gave you his food. What a nice guy!

Bezzie said...

Mmmm...sounds delish. Thai food over here is good. I can't imagine what the *real* stuff tastes like!

Melissa said...

Oh, YUM. You're making me hungry over here.

Karin said...

Quiet Aussie guy wants you. It's so obvious.

Rebel said...

mag - I did a little reading, and actually now I think the secret ingredient is MSG. Which might explain my headache yesterday. =/ Further investigation is required.

bezzie - it's just different, I had pretty heavenly Pad Thai in the US... it's just a whole different thing.

melissa - www.expedia.com ;)

karin - hmmmmm... doubtful, but I'll keep you postedc.