Tuesday, August 4, 2009


In addition to taking an art class, it would have been nice to learn a little botony before coming to Thailand. There are gorgeous flowers everywhere, and I don't know the names of a single one. If you do - please enlighten me.


eta: Bougainvillea



I love the bee in this one.




These are my absolute favorites. They just look so sturdy and fragile at the same time.

That's all... just pretty flowers.

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Yankee in England said...

For a moment I thought I was on a LTM5K monday quiz! I am pretty sure 4 and 5 are hybiscus. For some reason I want to say 6 is an asian impatiant but I have not idea why I want to say that.

Kaye said...

Love them all! Now how do they smell?

Rebel said...

Yankee... yeah it does have that feel, the only problem is that I don't have the answers!

Kay - surprsingly mild, I haven't noticed any particularly lovely smelling flowers here.

MadDog Knitting said...

#1 is Bouganvilla
#5 is Hybiscus

these are common flowers in So. California

MadDog Knitting said...

and as for the statement of common-ness what I meant was that I am very familar with these and therefore was certain of my id .....not that I was dissing the beauty of them.

Rebel said...

Thanks MadDog... no diss was taken, I recognized a couple of them from my days in CA... just never knew the names.

Michael5000 said...

Thems ain't no Portland flowers.

Rebel said...

No, thems really really ain't!

Anonymous said...

I want to say that 6 is some sort of plumeria maybe . . . google it and see what you think. Plumeria usually smell amazing.

PS: I'm blog-stalking you from the Knitty board. Hi!

miinemost said...

Name of the flowers;
1. Fueng- Fa
2. Not quite sure!
3.Leb-Mur- Nang
6.It supposed to be Lee-La- Wa-Dee
I'm glad to know you like Thai flowers.

miinemost said...

I have to correct the No.6; it should be Chuan-Chom. It has many colors; red, pink and also orange. I had found you from the Ravelry. Your projects are beautiful including your blog too. I've just created my blog, it so simple. I'm learning!
I'm not good at English. You could give me any advice. I'll follow your blog to keep you in touch.