Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yesterday I took a tour of the ancient city of Ayutthaya. There were a lot of ruins.

Lots and lots of ruins.

The tour guide spoke English... or rather, could recite his schpeil in English, but basically said the same thing at each site. This is for the worship of Buddha - there used to be a big building here, but it was destroyed in one of countless wars with Myanmar. It was not exactly riviting... but the ruins were kinda cool - especially when you imagined elephants ramming walls & knocking down pillars etc. Since that was how wars were fought at the time.

Halfway through the tour I discovered that the memory card in my camera was malfunctioning due to a virus it had contracted from my laptop*. So who knows if I'll ever get to post those pictures.... which is too bad because some of them were pretty cool.

Today I visited Vimanmek Palace, the largest teak mansion in the world, and a former residence of one of the kings of Thailand (Rama V - I think). It was quite regal and fancified... alas, no photos were allowed and the gift shop was woefully short on postcards. Suffice it to say I'm getting a proper dose of history & culture before heading down to Ko Phangan for some serious beach time.

TAG: Code Sweet Chili Sauce - I still have a bit of a cold, and a 16 hour bus/boat combo trip ahead of me.

* This is the story I got from the gal at the Kodak Shop - but who knows, I had to buy a new memory card anyway.

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Bezzie said...

At least it was just a memory card and not a camera! I've actually had many a memory card corrupt after a while in my camera.

I used to have a schpiel in Spanish!