Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back in Bangkok

Ko Phangan was okay, did not reach spiritual nirvana, nor engage in any alcohol fueled hijinx. And aside from an Israeli theater dance major - I didn't really talk to anyone. It was beautiful and relaxing, pictures will follow someday. The bus/ferry combo was killer though. Tooo much traveling, not enough sleeping, toilets too disgusting to describe.*

I got to Bangkok yesterday at 5am, ate a little breakfast, then checked into a hotel room. Showered and smelling, if not feeling, fresher I went to Chatuchak market again for a little more shopping. I can't seem to stop myself from buying silk scarves. Got back, tried to nap, failed, then went for a late lunch/ early dinner. I was thinking about taking the morning bus, today, to Chiang Mai, so I texted the Brit to see if he was still living there.

It turned out he was in Bangkok for one day - he'd just spent 3 months in the UK (his mum is ill), and was heading down to Ko Phangan (where I'd just been) the next day. He's now working at a meditation retreat as a counselor. So we met up for a beer. It was nice to see him again, and really nice to have someone to talk to for a bit. He is the closest thing I have to a friend in this entire country. Saying good bye was weird. We're not likely to keep in touch, but he was like "see you around" and maybe we will see each other again, maybe not. Life is just too strange sometimes.

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*although my tolerance for nasty toilets has gone up since I started carrying around my own roll of toilet paper.


Bezzie said...

Yeah seriously, you never know...I'll bet you'll see him again sometime.

Batty said...

I also have a "thing" for scarves. Not shoes, not purses, but scarves. They're so pretty. I guess you're in a good place to be buying them. When you return to the US someday, you'll always have one to wear.

Rebel said...

Bezzie - stranger things have happened

Betty - living in portland justifies the owning of many scarves fortunately =)