Saturday, October 3, 2009

An inauspicious start

I got myself all checked out of my apartment yesterday, and made my way over to Ban Phe. I sold off the last few of my books, had some lunch then got my legs waxed.

WORST LEG WAXING EVER! It was cold wax - which is like a million times more painful than hot wax, and she did a shitty shitty job. Seriously, she missed patches here there and everywhere. Dude - what's the point of getting waxed if you're not actually going to remove all the hair? Gah. It's bad folks. I'm not sure what I can do at this point, but I think a re-waxing is in order. =/

I had intended to spend the day on Ko Samet, but I woke up with a cold. It was also raining, so I just had breakfast and when the rain let up a bit I went for a walk around to all the markets. Pretty low key. And now I'm hanging out enjoying Australian Network TV. Yay! The news just had a whole segment on how the Thai police academy has just accepted it's first group of female cadets. Wow! And I never would have known about it. So yeah... not the most exciting start to Rebel's Moderately Magical Mystery tour.... but at least I didn't have to teach kids today!!

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Bezzie said...

I would have never thought there was a difference between cold v. hot wax. I thought they'd hurt equally! Ha ha!