Monday, November 19, 2007


I've been knitting for a few years, but compared to other knitters, I'm extremely slow to adopt new techniques. I only started lace last year, and up until last night I had never tried cables. But as Mr. Greenjeans has cables half way down, I figured I'd better figure it out. ;)

Look how pretty! It was far easier than I had anticipated, I even did cabling without a cable needle... which involves taking stitches completely off the needle! It was kinda scary (in as far as knitting gets scary), but they didn't run, they just hung out there until I got them back on the needle. =)

And here is Mr. Greenjeans... the pattern calls for a few more inches before starting the cables, but I'm going to start them now. I'm also disregarding the pattern's instruction to go down a needle size for this section. So many people have commented that the cable-rib pattern pulls in quite a bit. Since my tummy doesn't pull in... at all... I'm just going to stick with this size 8 needles I used on the top part. It's been coming along really quickly... but I think it's going to be slow going from here on in.


Stacey said...

Yah for cables!

I think I should have stuck with the same needle size for the bottom as well. Ah well

Magatha said...

It's amazing how easy cables are huh? Once you know the trick, it's a whiz. Good for you for learning the no cable needle technique!
I think you're on the right path with Mr. Greenjeans. I examined this pattern with a magnifying glass and microscope myself, and you came to some of the same conclusions as I. The cable ribbing needs to start higher and the cabling needs to be done in the same size needle as the stockinette. Both alterations are to prevent excessive and unattractive ballooning of the sweater which frumps it up entirely too much.
Clever Ms. Zuma! The color is looking good too!

Zonda said...

I like it so far! I think I want my cables to start high up too and thanks for the advice on not changing needle tummy doesn't pull in at all either. Prolly why I dislike my EDay Cardi...sitting on the shelf...hmm

Bezzie said...

I tried cabling with out a needle on a sock first. Not something I would recommend!! I think it's much easier on a normal sized needle!

I keep seeing this sweater, I might have to cast it on!

Eryn said...

You are such a rebel! ;) I'm going to remember your mods if I make this one.

BTW - the cleanup looks fab! Yay for organization!

Knittinreed said...

Great progress on Mr. Greenjeans. I like how we can modify this pattern to begin the cables wherever we want.....

Great cleanup. Looks welcoming and comfortable. Want to come and do mine too?