Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WIP Wednesday

I've been knitting away on Mr. Greenjeans. It's not too exciting yet.

Well, it's a little exciting. This is my first time doing a raglan sleeve, and it's my first time knitting a cardigan from the yoke down & in the round. Well, it's not a pullover, so it's not completely round, but it's seamless, so I'm doing the back, shoulders, and fronts all in one piece. Which means no seaming! Or at least minimal seaming/finishing. Yay!

And here is Soleil:

I haven't been working on it very consistently, but I won't be able to wear it until summer anyway, so it's just kind of 'background' knitting.

I haven't done anything else with the V-neck vest. Technically I should block it before seaming it. But I just washed & blocked my cardigan & it took a full week to dry, even with a fan blowing on it. So I'm not super eager to have a stack of towels & wet wool on my bedroom floor for another week.

So, that's what I have on the needles right now... well that and the Gothic Leaf stole, but I haven't touched that one in a long long time, but that's what I'm actually working on right now.

And I'm feeling a little remiss because I've been so focused on books lately that I've neglected on of my primary responsibilities with this blog... posting pictures of Sally.

Here she is last weekend... she's watching a squirrel on a tree just out of sight. I thought she looked cute surrounded by all the leaves.


Eryn said...

You can practically see her tail twitching!

Melody said...

That's a lot of progress! Wow!

Magatha said...

It's amazing how quickly top down comes together isn't it? The Soleil is something I've been meaning to get to myself.

Ah! Miss Sally in the fall leaves hunting squirrel! Just wonderful!

Rebel said...

Knitting top down 'in the round' is interesting, it seams the entire project will go faster than knitting each piece seperately... but each individual row takes so long! Particularly the purling row. (I don't hate purling... it's just slower than knitting)