Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Long & Short of it

I think I've answered the question of what I would do if I didn't have to work... I'd knit all day long! Well, that and shop... and occasionally bake, but mostly I'd knit. I got a lot done on Mr. Greenjeans, and as I commented to Babbling Stacey, one of the advantages of being short is that I don't have to knit my sweaters as long, so the main part of the body is done (there will be some ribbing to finish the front).
Ignore the little purple yarns hanging out - they're holding the sleeve stitches.

Check it out!! I swear I'm going to do waist shaping for all of the sweaters I make from now on! And see if you can spot the cable that I screwed up on. I'll bet you can't, because I read Seidling's cable surgery post and used her technique to repair it after I found it. It's not a perfect fix... but good enough that I have to really look for it to find it myself. Yay.

I did eventually hit the after Thanksgiving Day sale and picked up several much-need pairs of pants. A couple pairs of jeans, some cords and dress slacks. But here is one of the biggest disadvangates of being short. I laid a pair of properly tailored pants on top of the pants I just bought.

As you can see, I need to do some hemming. Some of the pants will need as much as 6 inches taken off. =( I'll take the dress pants and maybe the jeans to a tailor... but the rest I'll do myself. Le sigh....


Stacey said...

Yeah, since I'm so long waisted, I've got to add many inches to mine...and that's probably why I've set it aside for now!

I'm jealous of your pants...I need some new ones but I decided to avoid the shops this weekend since this is the first time in 15 years I didn't have to work in retail! :D

Bezzie said...

Damnit. Your GJ is doing nothing for my resolve to not knit this!

Yeah, I just fold or staple my pants. No one notices...I've had a pair of staple hemmed pants I've worn for three years now.

Magatha said...

Your Ms. Greenjeans is looking really great! The waist is so 'not frumpy'! (Mag criteria nowadays for clothing, non frump! Hah!)

Hey, I am "not short", 5' 6" in stocking feet and I always wear heels, so let's say I go around at about 5'8 or 5'9" out in the world and every single pair of pants that I buy require shortening by at least two inches. The only exceptions are those pants I can buy at Gap or Old Navy that are 'ankle' length.
I have a pile of hems to do myself.

Rebel said...

Stacey - JC Penny is having a pretty phenomenal sale right now, that's where I got all my pants.

Bezzie - I don't know... it's mighty popular, and I know how you feel about popular knits. Although on the other hand... it'd be really cute on you!

Mags - yeah, I think the front might end up a little frumpy, just because I picked the size up from my actual measurements, it's fine for the ribbed/cabled section, but the top part is a little looser than I would have liked. Oh well... there's always blocking!

Melissa said...

Great progress on Greenjeans!

Can I have your hem trimmings? I always have the opposite problem. Remember the late 80s/early 90s when pegged pants and slouch socks were popular? Yeah, my slouch socks weren't slouched so much as pulled up as tight as I could to try and cover the bottom of the pants. LOL.

Bridget Benton said...

As another member of the less-than-tall community (5'2") I, too, depend on Gap and Old Navy "ankle" jeans, clogs (which have thick heels and allow for several inches of lee-way), and the new style of cuffing the pants . . .

By the way - the sweater? Amazing! Not much of a knitter myself, but I LOVE the cinched-in waist! Yummy!