Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's a Festivus Miracle!

Yesterday I came home and there was a package in my mailbox. A very big package! A very big package from the lovely Magatha. =)
I can't even take it all in, there was so much good stuff! An adorable floral knitting-gear bag by messie-crafty. Two row counters, little heart shaped stitch markers (heart shaped!!! I didn't even know they made heart shaped stitch markers!), and beautiful pink Opal yarn.
There were also two books, one sci-fi novel The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. LeGuin and a fantastic resource - The Bantam Step by Step Book of Needle Craft. I haven't started the novel yet, but I've started looking through the craft book. It's fantastic, there are instructions for knitting, crochet, tatting (my grandma was an accomplished tatter, and I've always wanted to learn), along with embroidery, quilting, and even garment sewing.

This page has a 'recipe' for knitting mittens and gloves with options for fingers or fingerless gloves & mitts. There's a section on common lace patterns, cable patterns, all kinds of practical instructions.
But along with all that wonderful practical information, you know there had to be fug. Oh beautiful glorious fug. I'm sure these were oh so hip and stylin' back in 1979.

This just reaffirms my love of very simple, plain, bland knits.
And reaffirming the adage that good things come in small packages... my very favorite things in the package were these gorgeous pink bead stitch markers.
And the ever thoughtful Mag even sent a little something for Sally.

She thoroughly enjoyed the packing paper! Thank you so much!


Bezzie said...

Kooky Auntie M rocks doesn't she? ;-)

Magatha said...

Sweet! I love that old book, I knew you would too.
And all that pink stuff was just made for you, those beaded "micro" stitch markers are for sock knitting or small gauge knitting.

Mmmm...crinkly tissue paper for kitty! Yay!

Melissa said...

My kitties go crazy for packing paper too. Half the time they don't let me get the stuff out of the box--they're in it.

Michael5000 said...

That Lathe of Heaven is a damn fine read....

Eryn said...

What a perfect thing to come home to!

Batty said...

That's a great package. And Sally looks so fluffy. Not to mention like trouble... I'm still not sure she's not somehow related to my kittens, in some miraculous kind of way.