Monday, November 12, 2007

Things that suck

aka I have no one to blame but myself.

One of the advantages of living so close to work is that I can go home for lunch and even go run errands if I need to. Today was one of those days. I neglected to get cat food over the weekend, so I decided to run down to Western Pet supply today. I was travelling on at a bit of a ... brisk pace. As I was going along I noticed a new sign that said "Speed Photo Posted", which, not being a complete sentence I found confusing. So in my aspergers-like way, I drove along trying to figure out what that meant. Speed photo? Like a one hour photo place? Still puzzling that out I noticed a blue van parked up on the sidewalk. Now that's *really* unusual. Why is there a blue van on the sidewalk... just as I made out the words "Portland Police" and started applying vigorous pressure to my breaks a bright flash nearly blinded me as I saw the needle on my speedometer move from 50 to 45. Yup... 40mph zone. I am soooo busted! The worst part is having to wait to find out exactly how much I'm busted for. No, the worst part is that I totally deserve it and I have no one to blame but myself. That really sucks.

Another thing that sucks... last week I sent a rather snarky email about someone. But instead of putting that person's name in the subject line...I put it in the "To" field. Yup, boys & girls, no one to blame but myself.

Things that don't suck:

I've actually blocked my Everyday Cardigan (yes, cardinal sin of knitting - I wore it before blocking it. ;) ) and was able to eek out a little more length. Also, I finished knitting a deep V-neck vest.

Still needs to be blocked, seamed & finished... but the knitting part is done. Yay!

I've also cast on for Mr. Greenjeans. I'm excited, this will be my first cable project. It's a top-down sweater which is nice because I'll be 2/3 of the way through it before I actually have to start doing the cables. Should be exciting.


Bezzie said...

They outlawed those speed-camera-vehicles in AK about 10 years ago. Too many people were taking baseball bats to them.

Sue, aka seiding said...

Maybe they won't send you one! I'd rather just get a ticket in the mail than get pulled over. It's so humiliating to get pulled over, and then you have to grovel to the cop, besides.

Magatha said...

Those things are so "Big Brother" and yet having the terrifying experience of the cop approach me (I can see him in my rear view mirror) with his holster unsnapped and his hand on his gun, I'd rather just get snapped and fined in the mail.
(The cop thought I was evading him because apparently I had happily sped along without noticing his lights for about 10 blocks.) I didn't even get a ticket that time. I nearly had to go to the ER though from the heart palpitations of the gun holster incident.
They also ask you totally non sequitur questions that really are invasive and unnecessary when they stop you. But since they have the damn gun, you have to have to answer. I hate the whole experience. I've been pulled over twice.

Honey, if you have Asperger's then so do I. I freak out over the meaning of things I read to the point of stopping right in my tracks and people think I'm having a stroke. (That's the subject of a very funny joke by Lewis Black, an overheard fragment of convo that blows his mine, "If it weren't for my horse...")
Also, I've completely stopped walking around my neighborhood because I hate having to waste time speaking to every jerk I run into. I'd rather carry a white cane and pretend I don't see them.

Magatha said...
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Knittinreed said...

Sorry for your sucky stuff. And thanks for your comment on my blog :-) (not sucky).

I look forward to seeing your Mr. Greenjeans. It is a fun knit and the cables are easy. You will be thrilled with your new found technique.

Rebel said...

Mags - I know I don't have aspergers... it's just there are so many times when I can see everything, and yet have no idea what's going on that I feel like a total retard. Now I know though...

Yeah, I guess it would be worse to be pulled over, but I'm pretty good at identifying police cars and there's always a chance you'll just get a warning. This one time though I was driving down the 5 in Northern California very early in the morning... easlily going 75+ . A cop pulled me over (he was about the only car I saw for miles & miles), and I expected to get a heafty ticket... but he just ran my plates, then turned around and went on his way. He never even got out of his car.

Michael5000 said...

Several years ago, back when there were still letters, I got a letter from a good buddy. I opened it up, but saw that it started "Dear [buddy's girlfriend's name]," and in a rare moment of virtue, returned the letter unread.

The girlfriend, of course, got my letter. The one in which my buddy shared some feelings, shall we say, about his girlfriends shortcomings. Describing her as "vacuous," for instance.

Well, she didn't return it unread.

Since I didn't much like the girlfriend, I've always seen this story as kind of hilarious. My buddy, though, he still has trouble laughing about it.

Virtuous said...

Thanks for coming by to visit and comment on my blog! I would have sent you a private message but I didn't have your e-mail addy!