Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nobody's perfect

Last night the Short Aussie and I decided to go out for a drink to celebrate the fact that I got a job. He met me at my place and I was like "Where should we go?" "Don' know." So we crossed the street, walked half a block and found a bar - but it was pretty dead. We walked half a block in the other direction and saw a nice small pub with a bunch of guys already there drinking. Perfect.

After our waiter comes to take our order, the Short Aussie informs me... "This is a gay bar, you know." which, of course I didn't know. I asked if he wanted to switch venues but he was fine with it. It really turned out to be a good call.

So we're drinking, and Short Aussie's regaling me with all of his drinking stories. After about three beers he's ready to go home. I say "Come on! One more drink and I'll have a good story!" Short Aussie really doesn't need much convincing. This also turned out to be a pretty good call, because moments later the guys at the bar start talking to us. One of the guys - in the cool hat - is relating to me the story of his farang ex-boyfriend who lives in San Francisco and we bonded over the fact that we both just want to find a good man. Cool hat guy tells me we'll both find someone and to take heart because "Nobody's perfect!" Which becomes out toast for the evening.

Suddenly the lights go out, and I'm a bit concerned, until I turn around and notice the waiter coming out with a birthday cake and everyone starts singing "Happy Birthday" (in perfect English btw)

I will admit, that my fifth beer was probably the first bad call of the evening. Turns out the birthday boy is a 70 year old British guy, and of course I start hugging him, Cool hat guy, the waiter, and a bunch of other people. They then all start hugging the Short Aussie... who was surprisingly cool with all the attention. Then they bring us a slice of cake... eating it was the second bad call of the evening. Back somewhere around beer 2, Short Aussie had been telling me that sweets are not drinking food... but I didn't believe him.

After the cake came the cake fight, and after that came the very helpful waiter to clean up the Short Aussie. I was mostly a spectator for this part... but it was hugely entertaining. Somewhere around here I went to the bathroom - which had a tile floor covered in about a half inch of water (dear god I hope it was just water) where I proceeded to slip and fall flat on my ass as soon as I opened the door. One of the waiters saw me fall & proceeded to help me back up - laughing the whole time in true Thai fashion. I'm learning that if you do something stupid... just be the first person to start laughing and the whole situation is easier to handle.

I get back to the table - now soaking wet, and Short Aussie decides it's really time to go. I think he's got a finely honed sixth sense about these things because he manages to get me back to my building and we say our goodbyes while I'm still feeling pretty awesome. I get to my room, collapse in bed, drunk dial J, and then discover- all is not well. I spent the next hour or so learning the hard way that beer & birthday cake are not to be mixed. Oh man!

So yeah... TAG for last night - Mango all the way. TAG for this morning is borderline Durian. I need some breakfast in a bad way.


Bezzie said...

YOu gotta be careful about those gay bars--Chunky was conceived after a wild night at one!!!

Looks like a good time was had by all!

turtlegirl76 said...

What a great night! Very amusing pictures too. ;) Congrats on the job!

Michael5000 said...