Saturday, September 27, 2008

A thousand words....

You've been patient... you will be rewarded. =) I finally got my internet sorted out. It was a bit of an adventure and fairly expensive, but now I'm blue-toothed & Wi Fi-ed and am *finally* able to upload pictures. I'll do it in a couple of chunks.

First up... my apartment in Rayong.

See... all cleaned up, it's not so bad. It's basic, but big, has A/C, a ceiling fan, a balcony, and it's close to work.

This is the view outside my window (well, looking left). It's so lush!

Snacks! These are a few things I picked up at the market I went to with Ms Canada:

Surprise buns - these had ham in them, but could just as easily have had chocolate. The bread itself is actually really sweet so it's kind of a strange taste combination... you really do just have to have an open mind.

Mango on reddish-black rice sweetened with coconut milk and your garden variety chow mein. Yum!

I've noticed that the portion sizes are bigger here than in Chiang Mai. It's kind of nice since I don't have a kitchen and need to go out any time I'm hungry (more food in a sitting means less wandering around looking for food), but at the same time - I've seen a surprising number of chubby Thais in Rayong.

Next - Ban Phe.


liz said...

Hey Rebel! I apologize for not commenting recently, but I'm SO PROUD of you for passing your CELTA course. YOU R a teacher!! And more importantly, a student of LIFE! You are learning just as much as you are teaching. I've been enjoying your blog and your Thai posts. At times I'm reading your blog while my own students are working, and I'm LOL! I will try to post comments more regularly. Sending support hugs your way.

d said...

the apartment looks great. from your description before i imagined something...far, far worse.

those stray dogs are probably pretty easily intimidated. especially if they're alone. just stomp at them and yell at them and i bet they run away.

or, you know, chew off your leg. whichever.

Victoria said...

Your apartment is gorgeous! And the beach looks amazing! Maybe I should request to be placed in Rayong as well...

Rebel said...

Thanks Liz - I just wish I could be checking my blog while I'm teaching!!!

d - it was mostly the bathroom that was dirty... and the mattresses. But it's livable now.

V - the down side to Rayong is that it's a small city and there's not much to do. The songthaews stop running at sundown. =/ But if you just want a quiet life away from the craziness of Pattaya or Bangkok - this is the place.

Michael5000 said...

Reb, I haven't been checking in much, but I want to tell you that I'm totally impressed by your leap to Rayong, your plunge into the job, and now your cute little apartment. You so rock.