Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here fishy fishy fishy fishy!

When I got my March schedule there was quite a lot of open space. By now I've learned my lesson and didn't bother making any big plans... but I did get to go the Rayong Aquarium last week, which was a nice way to spend the morning.

The aquarium is in Ban Phe, although in a different area from the beach I usually go to. It's right next to the ocean, just past a little fishing village.

It's a small aquarium, and not the most technologically / environmentally advanced one I'm sure. But it was fun. There were several medium sized fish tanks highlighting different species. There were seahorses and crabs and little Nemo fish... all the usuals. There was a tall cylindrical tank that we could walk around as we descended to the lower level... and at the bottom, we could actually go under it and look up through the Plexiglas ceiling. That was pretty cool.

But the star attractions were in a much larger tank towards the back. There was this um.... something-ray? There were signs, I just forgot to take pictures of them.
And then this guy! Scary!

I mean, he's hardly a great white, but he's a good 5 feet long and intimidating enough for me. And the guys in the back were no beauties either... they have huge almost human looking faces - they just freaked me out.

So that was that, not bad for 35 baht. The really funny thing was all the tour buses that were visiting from Bangkok or who knows where. There were just crowds of people all herded around by their tour guides. Le Blonde and I seemed to have been the only ones who just walked in. I think it must be just one stop on a trip around the coast or something. I can't imagine making a whole trip just for the aquarium.
My days of leisure are over though. As anticipated/feared I got another course to fill up my schedule. Starting tomorrow I'll be teaching an intensive course - 3 hours a day, five days a week - two weeks to cover 5 units. It's insane. The students won't learn half as much as if they had a decent amount of time to absorb the information. Oh, and it's a pre-intermediate class - the one book I haven't actually used yet. Should be an adventure for all parties. And the situation is not at all improved by the fact that I've caught the bug going around and feel like I'm about to bust a lung or break a rib with my coughing. At least today was my day off ... I pretty much stayed in bed all day with a short break to pick up soup and cough drops. Wish me luck!
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Michael5000 said...

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I love aquariums! It's fun to see all those scary things up close when you know they can't get to you!
Good luck with the class! Sounds intense! said...
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