Saturday, March 7, 2009


They say that doing the same thing over and over again but expecting to get different results is one of the definitions of insanity. And I would not argue with that. The problem is...sometimes you really do get different results, and that just reinforces the crazy.

My internet has been buggered all to hell. And yes, I did just say buggered all to hell. I'm not even sure which country's slang that is, but I figure I'm in international waters or something, so it's okay. I have spent ungodly amounts of both time and money in the past week trying to get my internet to work - only to have it stop working again like two days later. For some reason, my computer did not believe that it had a modem. Or something. I kept trying, tried futzing around with settings etc. I did my super-secret-magic-tech-guru-trick (aka 'the reboot') which usually fixes things... but it did not. After spending hours going round and round I finally decided I would need to take the computer back to the shop and stopped trying to connect until I could do that. Until tonight. Tonight I had a brief moment of insanity (vodka induced insanity) and decided to give the internet one last try. And, as you can see... it worked. WTF?

In other areas of insanity... I'm having issues. Vague existential issues. The kind of issues that have me thinking in circles until all I want to do is kill off the offending brain cells with vodka... that'll teach 'em! Alas, once I sober up, the issues are still there. And they come with their buddies: hangovers, incriminating photos, and unforgivably - memories of what actually occurred while drinking. That's not fair... that's just not fair at all.

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Yankee in England said...

The phase is English, British English. Let me know if you want to know what Buggery is, I won't post it on your blog as I don't know how family friendly you want your blog to be. Bugger Me is a very common English phrase.