Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cranky pants

I'm cranky... there's nothing wrong really... I'm just cranky. In fact I had a pretty fantastic weekend. But I'm cranky now.

All I wanted to do today was sit at my favorite coffee shop and write but it just didn't happen. I had uninvited company. You know, sometimes it surprises me how much of an introvert I am. I mean, I get lonely and I like to spend time with friends - but I generally only want to be around people whose company I enjoy. I almost never want to be around people just to be around people. But it seems that my social group now contains people who *do* want to be around people just for the sake of not being alone, and it's taken me off guard a couple of times. Someone asks "What are you doing tomorrow?" and when I answer "I'm doing xyz." they immediately respond as though I've just invited them along. Now that I know they won't wait for an invitation, I know I'll need to say "I'm doing xyz ALONE tomorrow." But wow... I was completely blindsided... twice!

And at work I found out that I've been assigned not one, not two, but THREE new private classes with children. Two of the classes will be five days a week. So I will now be teaching children six days a week. I cannot adequately express how unhappy I am with this situation, although the office staff unfortunately got a taste of it. A word to the wise... if you need to deliver bad news to someone, do not do it as soon as they walk in the door after being out in 90+ degree heat, and while they are still carrying a 20lb backpack. Give the person a chance to get settled and sit in an airconditioned room for a minute or two. Gah! I seriously (although briefly) considered quiting over this, but once I did get to sit down for a minute in the teachers lounge I reconsidered. I'm only teaching here for another three months. Still.... three months with kids... I don't know. We'll have to see how this week goes.

Also my internet connection is acting up again, surprise surprise. =/ I think it's my phone this time, it disconnects whenever it or the USB cord is jostled in the slightest. I swear just removing my hand after pressing the 'on' button is enough to dislodge it sometimes. Don't get me started on what happens when I actually start typing. It would be one thing if it were just a matter of rejiggling the phone to get it to connect again, but once it disconnects I need to wait for my computer to acknowledge the device, then dial in again. I've had to reconnect about five times since starting this post. GAH!

Ok... that's enough of the crankiness. I have to be ready for bright and smiling children first thing tomorrow morning, so I'd better get to bed now.

Grrrrrlkjda adflkfdaf kids.

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(it's not actually that bad, but I honestly have been browsing for flights home)


Bezzie said...

Dude, I've been uber bitchy lately too. Maybe it's the full moon? Hang in there.

Bezzie said...
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Missamite said...

When you come home I promise I won't ask you to babysit.

Rebel said...

Bezzie - full moon or something, I did see it the other night, pretty spectacular.

Missamite - if there were an emergency I'd be there in a heartbeat and would do my darndest to keep them alive & well until you got back. But yeah... best to keep me as a last resort. =P

Michael5000 said...

Sorry about your cranky pants.